25 Continuity Zone Offenses

25 Continuity Zone Offenses
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From BasketballCoach.com. Get all the tools and knowledge you need to breakdown even the best zone defenses you'll face this season
- Attack any zone in multiple ways and with multiple options making your team harder to scout
- Learn how to pass the ball faster and to the most advantageous spots against the zone
- Train your players to attack gaps using cuts and dribble penetration and then kick to others for open shots

Don Showalter, Iowa City (IA) High School Head Coach
Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach
Bob Knight, Over 900 career wins, 3x National Championship Coach
Geno Auriemma, University of Connecticut Head Coach
Jim Larranaga, University of Miami Head Coach
Bill Self, University of Kansas Head Coach
Kermit Davis, Middle Tennessee State Head Coach
Brad Brownell, Clemson University Head Coach
Sean Miller, University of Arizona Head Coach
Jerry Petitgoue, Cuba City HS (WI) Head Boys Basketball Coach
Jim Boeheim, Syracuse University Head Coach

You may never see a better collection of basketball minds in one video. This video has plays from coaching legends like Bob Knight, to future Hall of Fame coaches like Mike Krzyzewski. Each coach takes a turn teaching their favorite and most effective zone offenses.

Whether you want to implement a traditional passing offense versus the zone or use an offense that features the dribble, this video will give you options to fit your personnel. Along with great continuity looks, you will find set plays that will help your team get easy baskets against the toughest zones.

Don Showalter:

- Continuity
- Pick-and-Roll with re-screen
- Zone Shift, lob & counter

Coach Showalter believes it's important to give your players freedom when facing zone offenses. His zone continuity offense does just that, and he shows examples of how he implements his offense with players on the court.

Mike Krzyzewski:

- 5 Principles of attacking a zone
- Gap vs. 2-1-2 zone

Coach K addresses his five principles of attacking a zone defense. Two concepts that stand out in the presentation are keeping your bigs behind the defense and using effective screens verses the zone.

Bob Knight:

- Breakdown drills 3v4 and 4v4
- Attacking a 3-2 zone

Hall of Fame coach, Bob Knight, likes to attack zones using the dribble. This type of attack results in pulling two defenders to cover one man. As the ball is moved via the dribble, the defense won't be able to cover everyone.

Geno Auriemma:

- Beating a 2-3 with quick passes

Geno Auriemma shares some of his best looks verses the zone, then adds a nearly unguardable offense that he borrowed from the Russian National Team.

Jim Larranaga:

- "Slice & Dice" against the 2-3

Coach Larranaga took his George Mason team all the way to the Final Four in 2006. In his portion of the video, he shows his "Slice and Dice" offense, which offers a whole different look verses the zone and helped George Mason make their deep tourney run.

Bill Self:

- Stationary against the 2-3
- Slash against the 3-2

Bill Self breaks down the actions his Kansas teams use verses the zone. You'll learn how to attack both the 2-3 and the 3-2 from Coach Self.

Jim Boeheim, Kermit Davis, Brad Brownell, Sean Miller and Jerry Petitgoue also add their own valuable offensive strategies.

- Jim Boeheim: Offense vs 2-3, 1-3-1 and Match-up zones
- Kermit Davis: Tilt Zone motion (6 options)
- Brad Brownell: Shallow Flare
- Sean Miller: Wheel
- Jerry Petitgoue: Away dribble drive from the top, through dribble drive from the wing and Triangle option

Whether you are looking to highlight your guards or forwards, there is a play for you in this collection of the best zone offense plays from the best coaches in the world.

This video is easy to digest and you'll find multiple plays to run against your opponent's zone defense. At the same time, if you play zone defense yourself, you can use this video to recognize and improve the weak spots of your defense. With the tons of strategies from the most experienced coaches in the business, this is the ultimate guide to zone offense.

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