3-Out, 2-In Zone Offense

3-Out, 2-In Zone Offense
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with Jamie Dixon, University of Pittsburgh Head Coach; 2009 Naismith Men's College Basketball Coach of the Year; 2004 Big East Coach of the Year

Attacking the zone starts with getting the ball inside the zone. Coach Dixon puts a premium on post players that can catch, pass and make plays in traffic. The first drill is a shooting drill from the baseline to simulate playing against a zone. Priorities are catch, rim, partner, throw opposite and dive.

Perimeter breakdown is accomplished by playing 3-on-0 on the perimeter. The point, wings and corners can all be filled by guards. Penetration is a big part of attacking zones and Dixon teaches one hard dribble and jump stop into the zone.

In a 5-on-0 alignment, the zone offense is demonstrated using many of the options that Dixon teaches. The short corner is a vulnerable spot on the floor for the defense and can be exploited in this offense. The high post is also an excellent area for the offense. The on ball screen on the perimeter can create penetration into zone gaps causing coverage problems for the defense.

Set plays are used early in the possession to create movement and flows into the main zone offensive attack. The benefit of this zone offense is that it takes advantage of areas where the zone is weak and makes it work by using ball and player movement.

47 minutes. 2007.