4-Out 1-In Attack and React Motion Offense

4-Out 1-In Attack and React Motion Offense
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Product Description

with Andrew Grantz, Creator of the Attack & React Offense, Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach; former Pittsburg State Graduate Assistant Coach

Andrew Grantz has taken elements of two very popular offenses, the Read and React and the Dribble Drive Motion, and made them into his own system - The Attack and React Offense.

This offense will allow you to teach players how to play basketball and not just how to run set plays. There are so many different options and phases that you can pick and choose what you need to exploit your team's strengths and hide your team's weaknesses.

In this DVD, Coach Grantz introduces 16 different phases of the offense, starting with the most basic, and shows how you how you can successfully use as many or as few as you need. Using whiteboard diagrams and on-the-court demonstrations, each phase is broken down into a specific reaction that builds on another phase.

Stressing the importance of spacing the floor, Grantz utilizes six perimeter spots and a post player to lay the foundation for the offense. The three initial phases include:

Phase 1: The Dribble Drive Phase - This phase starts with the very basics of the offense and attacking the basket, as well as how the rest of the players react to the ball movements. Grantz explains the action above and below the drive line, the importance of NBA 3-point line spacing, the pitchout, the lift and other actions.

Phase 2: The Pass and Cut Offense - This motion is dominated by the give-and-go principle and the ability to cut to score. This action provides for double gaps which can lead into the flow of the dribble drive.

Phase 3: Post Entry - This is final piece of the basic set up of the offense. This includes not only the post-up but the inclusion of the high and low "Laker" cuts and the appropriate spot-filling for passes out of double teams in the post.

The rest of the phases consists of the add-ons to the offense. This includes the rules for baseline driving, the dribble-through, ball screens, various screening actions, and various counters and options off of other plays.

As a bonus, Coach Gantz gives a lesson on how to get the ball up court in transition and in out-of-bounds situations and into the flow of the Attack and React Offense. This fast break makes it very easy to convert to the half-court offense if you don't score off the initial break.

When you feel comfortable adding a new phase to your offense, you can do so very easily. Pick and choose out of the 16 phases to make options that best fit your team, no matter what level you coach.

The best part of this offense is how complex or simple you want to make it. The Attack and React is a player-friendly offense that can break down the defense and lead to a lot of easy buckets.

This is a complete offensive system. Whatever your preferred method of offense - screening for shooters, back cuts and back screens, no screens, ball screens, etc. - this offense is adaptable to your style and to your team's strengths. You can put this offense in at the junior high, high school, or college level. Use this offense with a group of developing players over the course of several years or with a group of advanced players to create a fun, unstoppable offense!

176 minutes (2 DVDs). 2012.