50 Set Plays for Attacking Zone Defense

50 Set Plays for Attacking Zone Defense
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Load up your playbook with 50 plays for beating zone defense from the best coaches in the world:

- Learn how to use overload and screening actions to overwhelm zone defenders
- Use on-ball and off-ball screening strategies to pin zone defenders and open up 3-point shots
- Get simple zone quick-hitters to help create tempo and make quick buckets

Seventeen of the game's best coaches showcase zone-busting offensive sets that are sure to wreak havoc against any zone defense.

Master the art of out-scheming the most common zone defenses such as the 2-3, the 3-2, and the occasional 1-3-1 defense in order to secure the shots you want to take - not the ones the defense wants you to shoot.

Geno Auriemma Series - The Hall of Fame coach shows you four plays to attack the 1-3-1 and 2-3 zone defenses. Two plays illustrate how you can attack through the high post, and two more make use of screens starting from different stack alignments to free up shooters.

Fran McCaffery Series - A series of three plays that will help you score from inside and outside the 2-3 zone. Learn how to create opportunities for lob passes, post feeds and perimeter jump shots in addition to counters when the defense takes away the primary scoring option.

Kermit Davis Series - Three plays for screening the bottom defenders in a zone to create inside scoring opportunities with post feeds or lob passes.

Brad Brownell Series - Attack the 2-3 zone with ball screens using the Post Up play to force the defense to give up shots in the paint off a duck-in or allow open 3-point shots from the corner.

Bill Self Series - Five plays for attacking zone defenses. Coach Self shows two ways to deliver lob passes to a post or perimeter player of your choice. You also get three more plays, including his all-time favorite zone play, that allows you to strategically screen the zone to open up inside and outside shots.

Bob Huggins Series - Coach Huggins walks you through different ways to read the defense in a play that makes use of a double screen and misdirection to score from inside the zone.

Kevin Boyle Series - The four-time High School National Coach of the Year shares four plays that utilize high ball screens, baseline screens, and overloads to help you score with jump shots for your best shooter, post feeds and lobs.

Tony Bergeron Series - Two plays for defeating the 3-2 zone. In addition to showing you how the baseline screens and pin screens of his Baseline and Push work, you will also learn additional ways to score when the defense takes away your first options.

Tom Izzo Series - Five plays to dismantle zone defenses. Options illustrated include high ball screens, fake hand-offs, cross screens, and more that will help you find scoring opportunities at the rim or open looks for your best shooters.

Sean Miller Series - Create a lob opportunity for a high-flying perimeter player with Eagle. When the defense begins to take away this option, Coach Miller shows you how to counter their overplay and get an open 3-point shot with Double Eagle.

Tod Kowalczyk Series - Discover two ways to use ball screens against a 2-3 zone defense for easy scoring opportunities. In each play, you will see how multiple scoring options are created using a simple pick and roll action.

Jeff Walz Series - Seven plays that specialize in screening the back line of the zone, along with misdirection and overloads to give you a variety of scoring options such as lobs, corner 3's, post feeds, and jump shots in the paint.

Jim Ferry Series - Learn how to combine a high ball screen with a baseline runner to force an overload on the zone defense. Your opponent will always lose against this play, as they have to decide whether to give up the post feed or open 3-point shot.

Eric Flannery Series - Get three options in his Special series versus zone defenses. Making use of a double stack alignment, these plays can free up players at the rim for post feeds and lobs.

Vance Downs Series - Iowa state championship winning high school coach Vance Downs shares four plays versus any zone to get the ball to your best post player under the basket or at the block.

Matt Woodley Series - NBA Development League assistant Matt Woodley shares three plays versus zone defenses that will also work against man-to-man. These plays will get the ball to your best shooter for a 3-pointer or to your best post player for a shot at the block.

This video is for ALL teams looking to add to their repertoire of zone set plays. This compilation of zone sets is by some of the best and the brightest coaches in college and high school. This video is a terrific tool for any coach who faces zone defenses during the season and is looking to attack different types of zones with offensive success.

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