All Access Duke Basketball Practice: National Championship Season (2009-10)

All Access Duke Basketball Practice: National Championship Season (2009-10)
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with Mike Krzyzewski "Coach K," Duke University Head Men's Basketball Coach; 2008 Men's Olympic Basketball Coach (Gold Medal); NABC "Coach of the Decade," 12X NABC "Coach of the Year," Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2001), 5X NCAA National Champions ('91, '92, '01, '10, '15)

One of the things that separates Duke from the pack is how Mike Krzyzewski and his staff effectively personalize their offense and defense to fit their personnel. In this all access DVD package, you will learn the tactics and drills employed by Coach K and his staff to capitalize on the strengths of their personnel.

This video series was filmed at the beginning of the 2009-10 season; a season that saw the Duke Blue Devils claim the NCAA National Championship.

This DVD set includes:

More than 10 hours of exhaustive basketball instruction

Three full practices

Multiple clinic sessions

Video breakdowns featuring Coach K and assistant coaches, Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins.

Throughout each practice Krzyzewski explains his coaching philosophies on offense, defense, transition, basketball fundamentals and many more aspects of the game. He shares his wisdom on team concepts such as player roles, captain selection, team camaraderie and other practical ideas that can be implemented into your own coaching philosophy and team concepts.

Krzyzewski begins with a defensive walk-through where he demonstrates and teaches his players why and how to communicate on defense, how to create numerical advantages, how to guard ball screens, how to personalize their defense depending on the opponent, and teaching the big men where to position themselves to draw charges.

Moving to the offensive side of the ball, Coach K addresses key fundamentals and player responsibilities such as looking for early post opportunities, creating opportunities to draw fouls, how to feed the post, what reads to make off of several actions, and how to stretch the defense physically and mentally.

The drills and exercises throughout this video specifically focus on one or more of the previously listed areas of focus and are emphasized in great detail by Krzyzewski and his staff. You'll see a multitude of Duke's efficient half- and full-court drills designed to keep everyone on the team involved and improving with each practice. From 5-on-0, 3-on-3, 5-on-5, to perimeter and post offensive and defensive breakdown drills, and short scrimmages, you'll get an in-depth look at the drills and concepts that made Duke the 2010 NCAA Champions.

Associate Head Coaches Chris Collins and Steve Wojciechowski present an in-depth look at Duke's offense. Learn how to put constant pressure on the defense, confuse them and force them to be more cautious. Coach Collins covers 13 actions and quick hitters to use against man defense. Coach Wojciechowski then discusses man offense, with a goal of creating opportunities to play "inside-out" basketball by screening, posting and creating overloads. Wojciechowski also explains how many of the same quick hitters used against man can be used against zone.

See how Collins and Wojciechowski "self scout" their team in a film session. Learn what coaching points and concepts that they are looking to address with their players.

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640 minutes (5 DVDs). 2010.