Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Strength & Power

Alan Stein's DeMatha Basketball: Strength & Power
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Product Description

with Alan Stein, owner of Stronger Team; Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the nationally renowned Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program; has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players.

The stronger and more powerful a player can become in the weight room, the more explosive they'll be on the court. By making the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body stronger, you'll lessen the occurrence of injury and improve performance on the court. Alan Stein's drills and exercises utilize minimal training equipment, making it easy to train your players to the fullest extent on any budget.

Ankle & Feet
Strengthen the number one injury area in basketball - the ankles. Increase mobility in the ankle and strengthen the intrinsic muscles in the feet using Stein's unique barefoot exercises.

Core Strength
Learn core strength building exercises designed for basketball including:
mini-band exercises
plank exercises
medicine ball exercises
stretch-band exercises
physioball exercises
dumbbell exercises

In order for a player to be more explosive on the court you have to do two things in training: Strengthen all the muscles of the body, primarily the hips, the lower body and core. You also have to practice jumping and practice being explosive. Stein's detailed training methods include both jumps onto and off of boxes teaching you how to land properly and how the exercises translate to the numerous on-court jumping and landing situations.

Lower Body & Upper Body
See how Stein demonstrates popular exercises (squats, lunges, step-ups, iso-lateral, and wall-sits) to increase your player's lower body power and strength. Learn the four different ranges of motion that you must focus on while working out the upper body in a conventional manner and why it is important to balance your pushes and your pulls.

Order the Strength & Power DVD today and see how a solid strength and conditioning base will take your basketball skills to a whole new level.

113 minutes. 2011.