Attack & Pack Defense

Attack & Pack Defense
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Product Description

Discover how to run a switching man-to-man defense with pack line principles.
- Protect the paint, force turnovers and lower the shooting percentages of your opponents
- Learn three presses that flow into an aggressive, trapping half court defense
- Includes breakdown drills and techniques that will help you install the Attack & Pack Defense utilizing the part-whole method

Includes a bonus disc with game footage analysis of Coach Grantz breaking down the defense in action

with Andrew Grantz, Creator of the Attack & React Offense; Our Lady of Providence (IN) High School Head Boys Basketball Coach; former Indiana University Southeast Assistant Coach

Creator of the Attack and React offense, Andrew Grantz, takes today's best defenses and combines their principles into an unstoppable force.

In the Attack and Pack Defense, Coach Grantz combines full court pressure and trapping with the half court mentality of the Pack Line defense. In this new style, Coach Grantz places an emphasis on forcing his opponents to the baseline instead of middle drives into help defense. He breaks down every half court possibility as he teaches you a defense that mirrors a boxer's mentality: punch when aggressive and pick your places to jab.

The Basic Principles of the Attack & Pack Defense

From the defensive stance, to angles and closing out, Coach Grantz explains the foundation of man-to-man defense: forcing contested mid-range shot and keeping opponents outside of the lane. Starting from a basic 1v1 defensive stance, Coach Grantz teaches how your players can shade their bodies to take away paint touches. Whether your players are at the top of the key or at the wing, forcing baseline drives is a must. When in help side defense, Coach Grantz walks players through proper technique to closeout and force great shooters to put the ball on the floor toward the baseline where help is located.

Closeout drills

In this series, Coach Grantz emphasizes technique, such as stance, footwork, using your hands and effective lateral quickness. It's all about building an attacking defense. Other drills include the Continuous Closeout drill to the wing, as well as help side positioning (2v2). The series ends with a full court 1v1 drill. Your players will learn how to pressure and contain the opponent anywhere on the court.

Shell Defense

Building from 1v1, Coach Grantz jumps into shell defense to demonstrate help side rotations on drivers and how to close out on the skip pass. In the Blackhawk Drill, players learn to jump from pack position to on-ball defense and back again, knowing that at any time a drive can take place.

Attack & Pack vs Various Actions

In the 5v5 half court setting, Coach Grantz demonstrates every possible situation you can come up with so that your team is ready to defend the opponent's best action. From getting beat on a middle drive, to post defense, to baseline drives, and finally all screening situations (off-ball and on-ball), you will find the necessary instruction you need to make your team successful in the half court. Your opponents will soon become frustrated with their inability to drive middle and get an open jump shot.


Coach Grantz demonstrates how to use an aggressive pressing style of play that flows back into your half court pack defense. He shows three versions of a full court press that combine principles from the run-and-jump and the 1-2-1-1 into an aggressive punch. You will learn how to force opponents to throw the ball away and create easy buckets in transition for your team. Coach Grantz even demonstrates a third press that keeps the ball out of a good point guard's hands.

Using Coach Grantz' defense that features aggressive on-ball pressure and pack line principles, your team will soon possess one of the best defenses around.

162 minutes (2 DVDs). 2016.