Ball Handling with a Purpose

Ball Handling with a Purpose
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Product Description

Improve ball handling in a variety of ways and settings!

- Train players to use change of speed when handling the ball
- Get drills to train players to protect the basketball while dribbling
- Create space off the dribble to shoot, pass, or attack the basket

with Danielle Viglione, Sacramento Skills Academy; 10 years in the WNBA (Sacramento Monarchs) and overseas; played for the University of Texas; holds the Texas all-time record for 3-pointers made in a career; her career scoring average ranks fifth all-time in school history

This video will give you drills to improve your team's dribbling, attacking, and ball control skills to cut down turnovers and increase your team's ability to score!

If your squad struggles to maintain possession of the ball, individually or collectively, these simple drills will help you improve your team's fundamental ball control skills. Former WNBA player Danielle Viglione brings her world-wide experience to some of her favorite ball handling drills to build the skills necessary to become a more confident and skilled ball handler.

Viglione teaches players to become solid dribblers using fundamental drills that create a flawless technique for each ball handler. Her drills incorporate a progressive defense that makes the players practice at game speed and compete with one another.

Stationary & Movement Drills

Viglione starts with a handful of stationary single ball drills and progresses to using multiple balls while incorporating movement. These drills are a great way to warm up for skill work, practices, or games.

Building on the warm up drills, Coach Viglione adds challenging partner-resistance drills for fun and purposeful skill work. The resistance drills reinforce good dribbling technique and a strong, wide base so that the dribbler will be able to be strong in his/her drives to the basket while making and maintaining contact with the defender.

Change of Speed/Direction

Players advance through several change of speed drills to get the defense off balance, which helps to improve attacking the basket in transition and finishing. Viglione also shows change of direction moves to improve skills such as the crossover, behind the back, or between the legs, and, shares how to create space off the dribble using the inside and outside foot.

All of the skills worked on are then 'put to the test' through a competitive 1v1 drill.

These drills are efficient in both time and space, building on each other, and can easily be incorporated into off-season skill development or in-season practices. Let Coach Viglione help take your players' ball handling to the next level!

63 minutes. 2017.