Hubie Brown's "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume I

Hubie Brown's "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume I
Hubie Brown's "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume I
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with Hubie Brown, former Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach, 1978 & 2004 NBA Coach of the Year, 20+ years as NBA analyst and sportscaster (CBS, TNT, TBS)

Prepare yourself to learn from one of the legends of basketball coaching in this comprehensive instructional video! Hubie Brown shares his secrets and experiences from over 30 years of successful basketball coaching at the high school, college, and professional levels.

Brown provides a rare look inside the Memphis Grizzlies playbook which helped the Grizzlies produce a 24 game, one year turnaround and earned Coach Brown NBA Coach of the Year honors for the 2003-2004 season. In this video, Brown challenges you to evaluate over 30 special situations that you may face in a season.

He includes pre-practice structure, zone offense, out-of-bounds, and special situations. He covers the 1-2-2 press, situational coaching, press breaks, transition offense, flex offense and options, pick and roll, defending, bumping, and using screens, post-play, shooting drills, defensive strategy, and much more.

Coach Brown also stresses the importance of playing the percentages both offensively and defensively and how this will help put your team in a position to win. With a remarkable look into the mind of one of the legends of the game, you will learn how to put players in position to be effective at all times through hard work and preparation.

This video, along with "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume II, will stimulate you, philosophically and fundamentally, in the game of basketball and is a "must-have" for every coach at every level!

90 minutes. 2004.