Hubie Brown's "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume II

Hubie Brown's "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume II
Hubie Brown's "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume II
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with Hubie Brown, former Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach, 1978 & 2004 NBA Coach of the Year, 20+ years as NBA analyst and sportscaster (CBS, TNT, TBS)

In "Secrets of Winning Basketball" - Volume II, basketball coaching legend Hubie Brown dives deeper into the fundamentals, drills, techniques, and philosophy that will improve your players' overall basketball development and skills. This is a behind-the-scenes look at how a Hubie Brown practice runs, and you will see the "whole-part-whole" process of teaching individual and team drills and fundamentals.

Coach Brown shares more than 30 drills to improve your players' skills and abilities through a progressive drill series. Included are drills for post-play positioning, moves, and defense; rebounding, outlet passing, press breaks, transition offense, aggressive defensive block drills, high percentage shooting, ball denial, spacing and bumping, and all-in-one offensive/defensive drills.

He puts strong emphasis on getting high percentage shots using drills, shot charts, and offensive coaching philosophy. Coach Brown also shares what he calls "the best conditioning drill ever," which is thoroughly demonstrated and explained; this drill will challenge every player's mental and physical toughness.

You will learn how to maximize your practices by being organized, prepared, and full of energy! After watching Hubie Brown in these videos, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how to implement his insights and principles into your basketball program at any level!

84 minutes. 2004.