The "Unscoutable" Zone Offense

The "Unscoutable" Zone Offense
The "Unscoutable" Zone Offense
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with Harry Perretta, Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach, 465+ career wins; All-time winningest coach in the history of Villanova basketball (men or women)

In the age of sophisticated game preparation, Harry Perretta has outdone his opponents. The "unscoutable" zone attack on this DVD is a product of Coach Perretta's 28+year tenure at Villanova.

Players at Villanova are encouraged to be creative in their approach to playing basketball, favoring common basketball sense over rules. Continuous play favors crisp passing and player movement. This concept puts maximum pressure on zone defenses to be constantly adjusting. Flashing, reversing the ball, filling and leaving spots, ball screens, playing behind the zone, dribble penetration, back screens, stepping out and pass backs are all elements of this resourceful offense.

Perretta illustrates alignments such as 1-2-2, 1-4 and 1-3-1 that can all be successfully utilized. Defenses have a difficult time staying with the constant movement and multiple options of Perretta' s attack. Perretta uses the whole-part-whole method to effectively teach every coaching point.

A good passing team can flourish in this balanced, concept-driven offense. One special feature of this offense include screening on the ball creating effective screen-and-roll options. Another unique feature is the flasher/screener option.

For teaching purposes, Perretta includes drills to increase player execution. For nearly 30 years, Harry Perretta's concepts have proved effective and they will do the same for you. This is an easily taught, yet highly effective approach to playing, exposing and scoring against zones night in and night out.

44 minutes. 2006.