Zone Offenses to Counter Any Zone Defense!

Zone Offenses to Counter Any Zone Defense!
Zone Offenses to Counter Any Zone Defense!
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with Tony Bergeron, Five-Star Basketball Coach/Instructor and American Christian H.S. (PA) Head Coach

In today's game, coaches must prepare to play against any kind of zone defense. This comprehensive DVD covers a dozen zone attacks that can be used against even and odd front zones as well as junk defenses.

Coach Bergeron shares his philosophy on attacking the 2-3, 1-2-2, 1-3-1, and 3-2 zones with a variety of formations and quick hitters. Each offense is explained and executed 5-0 before adding the defense. Each odd-front offense features primary and secondary options and variations, focusing on your team's best perimeter players and shooters.

Against the 2-3 zone, the creative "Screen" and "Genius" plays provide a quick hitting option. Most offenses, whether continuity or quick hitters, include second and third options. Each offense can be tailored to your individual team and its strengths.

The bothersome 1-3-1 zone can be attacked with Bergeron's "Special" and "2-1-2" formations. Finally, Coach Bergeron shares his special plays to counter confusing junk defenses.

Each zone offense can be adapted to any situation or talent level. Most are quick hitting plays that can help your team stack up points in a hurry. This DVD benefits the coach who likes to add wrinkles that give his team more firepower. With a few of these offensive looks, facing zones will be a pleasure, will yield success, and will favor your team every night.

55 minutes. 2006.