Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Moving without the Ball

Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Moving without the Ball
Grassroots Basketball: Perfecting the Art of Moving without the Ball
Item# BD-02552C

Product Description

with Ganon Baker,
Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

with Boo Williams,
Legendary Coach, Clinician, and AAU Boys Basketball National Chairman

Nike basketball training specialist Ganon Baker puts cutting and moving without the ball on display. Using Boo Williams' AAU team as demonstrators, Baker helps players develop footwork and speed through intense drills. The fundamentals of cutting and getting open are crucial to young players as well as more experienced players.

Warm-up drills shown include: High knees, Crazy Legs, Line Touches with the "fire walk", X's, Jabs and running in place. Heavy emphasis is put on the use of jump ropes for warm-up, strength, and conditioning.

Boo Williams stresses the importance of jump rope to develop foot quickness and the ability to get open.

The give-and-go series is an excellent segment that adds receiving the ball to cutting. The Hornet drill emphasizes vision on the ball and showing the target hand.

Drills included are "door," dance steps and "fake the go" and all put fundamental teaching into practical drills.

Because of the trend toward pressure defense, the back door remains one of the game's biggest tools. The athletic cut, L-cut and inside cut are three types of cuts that are demonstrated. All three cuts are useful and unpredictable weapons on the offensive end of the floor.

This DVD concludes with Eastman's baseline touch drill, stop cut, 3-on-0 give-and-go, and "Keep away" drill. Keep away puts all teaching points together in an energetic drill that awards points to both the defense and the offense.

The serious player and coach can benefit from cutting and moving without the ball. This presentation focuses on taking advantage of the defense, which will allow your team to score more points and add creativity to your practices.

65 minutes. 2006.