Alan Stein: Off-Season Training for Basketball

Alan Stein: Off-Season Training for Basketball
Alan Stein: Off-Season Training for Basketball
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with Alan Stein, owner of Stronger Team; Head Strength & Conditioning coach for the nationally renowned Nike Elite DeMatha Catholic High School boys basketball program; has worked with elite high school, college, and NBA players.

Alan Stein's astute philosophy states that teams get better during the season, but athletes get better in the off-season. This DVD is a look at his impressive training program and provides coaches a plan to help players improve. Benefits from a comprehensive training program exceed the advantages of a "bigger, stronger, faster" approach, according to Coach Stein.

Warm-up time allows players to raise their core temperature to prepare for intense activity. Fundamental slides, follow the leader, hourglass, up the Alley are warm-up drills conducted at 65-70%. Dynamic flexibility is demonstrated by hugging knees to the chest as players walk down the floor, groin stretch, lunge step and the scorpion. The next segment includes Plyometric training. Lateral bounds develop explosiveness and are excellent for conditioning. The medicine ball can be used to develop strength and simulate a put back on the offensive glass.

The unique "highest point" drill teaches explosiveness and quick reaction. Two-ball dance is an excellent agility drill that is demonstrated by Stein. Another agility drill, the Help Defense drill, utilizes floor cones to improve quickness, shot pressure, and sliding. Stein's training program prepares players to run the floor and play hard every second. Rebound & break is a great conditioning drill where players explode to the rim and sprint the floor.

The challenging "Suicide Square" and Wheel drill combine sprinting, change of direction and quickness. All of Stein's drills improve conditioning, foster toughness and improve basketball skills. His genius is to combine these three essential elements into his training program. This program will allow your team to compete every second as they use enhanced skills to win games. This DVD is an excellent presentation to help players improve essential skills necessary for championship basketball.

75 minutes. 2006.