Lawrence Frank: Early Offense and Zone Offense

Lawrence Frank: Early Offense and Zone Offense
Lawrence Frank: Early Offense and Zone Offense
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with Lawrence Frank, Los Angeles Clippers assistant coach, former Detroit Pistons and New Jersey Nets (NBA) Head Coach

Coach Frank believes that seven principles make up sound early offense. These principles include: Constant flow of motion, spacing, ball movement, player movement, multiple passing outlets, dribble penetration and offensive rebounding opportunities.

The key to getting ahead of the defense is the first three steps and Frank teaches running technique to his players. In addition, Frank discusses each player's specific role in transition. In detail, Frank explores various angles, mismatches and options on the offensive end of the floor. Penetration, rub cuts, post duck-ins and ball movement are necessary for putting maximum pressure on the defense. The philosophy of "help a teammate first" is a big part of the Net's success in the NBA.

This system is simplified to yield consistent results. Many of the actions depend on the reaction of the defense, making it virtually impossible to scout and defend. Coach Frank continues his presentation by showing a wrinkle in his early offense game - early post ups. The next option, if not open in the post, is to reverse and pass to a shooter coming off a down screen. Another special play sells the pick & roll for the benefit of the catch and shoot or drive and kick game.

Frank displays his "paint attack" game. Zone offense is a topic also covered by Frank. Vulnerable areas in the zone are the short corner, middle and dribble penetration into gaps. Screening in the zone is a key to freeing shooters. Philosophically, Frank likes quick hitters, where their best scorer is the target. He demonstrates several quick hitters against the zone, including the Chin Set that uses screens against the zone and includes overload action.

118 minutes. 2006.