Screening Zone Attack & Shooting Drills

Screening Zone Attack & Shooting Drills
Screening Zone Attack & Shooting Drills
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with Kevin Sutton, Montverde Academy Men's Basketball Head Coach, NIKE Skill Academy Instructor

Facing many different zones is part of the coaching experience. Coach Sutton looks at attacking zones from an offensive standpoint. He lists beating the zone down the floor as the top priority. Moving the zone from side to side and attacking with ball and pass penetration are important.

Any zone can be screened and Sutton encourages screening with all different zone offense looks. Being patient to get a good shot is a trait of a good team against zones. The final key is attacking the offensive glass for second shots. Gap motion is one of Sutton's main zone attacks. On the floor, he demonstrates the gap in a 5-on-5 setting.

Dribble draw, screening, cutting and spacing are the keys to this offense. He also covers the gap stationary, which is a different attack and is keyed by making the zone move with the pass and dribble.

Special plays can be inserted into the zone offense using screens on the back side of the zone. Sutton demonstrates four shooting drills using an automated shooting machine. These drills create many shots for all players on the team.

40 minutes. 2008.