Tubby Smith's Offensive System

Tubby Smith's Offensive System
Tubby Smith's Offensive System
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with Tubby Smith, Texas Tech Head Coach; former University of Minnesota Head Coach; over 500 career wins; NCAA Championship Coach (while at Kentucky); 2003 Naismith Coach of the Year, 2005 Jim Phelan Coach of the Year

Offense begins with great defense in Tubby Smith's offensive system. The offensive progression begins with secondary offense. All players must be able to play all positions in this offense.

The main focus in the half court is throwing the ball in the post. The Chase call is a ball reversal to move the defense as the post player follows the ball. A high low opportunity and a back screen are also options. This action leads to a 3-, 4- or 5-man motion offense. Swing, Drag, Through, Stagger and Fist are other teaching points in the secondary offense. This action is difficult to scout and defend because quick hitting options materialize in different situations.

In the half court, the 40 series begins in a 1-4 high set and includes six options to score. Circle Transition is a drill that combines the secondary offense with half court motion offense.

55 minutes. 2008.