Pat Summitt's Game Preparation

Pat Summitt's Game Preparation
Pat Summitt's Game Preparation
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Product Description

with Pat Summitt, University of Tennessee Head Women's Basketball Coach; 2008 NCAA Champions; 8-time NCAA Championship Coach; 1098 career wins; Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame; Naismith Basketball Coach of the Century; Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • An inside look at game preparations with the NCAA's all-time winnigest coach, Pat Summitt
  • Behind the scenes look into Tennessee women's basketball game preparations
  • Includes practice drills for preparing for an upcoming opponenet
  • Legendary coach Pat Summitt brings a well prepared team to the floor every game. Her ability to get her team ready to play hard and execute is one of her many talents. Players must be informed about their opponent but not overwhelmed with information.

    The first item for players to lock into is the opponent's personnel. Knowing the offensive attack of the opponent includes their transition, primary man offense, sets, zone sets and out of bounds plays. On the floor, Coach Summitt's plan is to work on shooting drills, pressure releases, shell offense and defensive breakdown.

    The scouting report examines every defensive situation that could occur. Each player must know exactly what is expected in these situations. At the end of the shoot around, players will defend the opponent's out of bounds plays. During practice much of the activity is the same.

    On this DVD you will see practice drills such as; Post feeds, pressure releases, post double team, beating pressure with various cuts, shell offense featuring set plays, game shooting, free throws, defensive breakdown, post dive, main offense, baseline and sideline out of bounds.

    67 minutes. 2008.