Steve Cleveland: Screening Zone Offense

Steve Cleveland: Screening Zone Offense
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with Steve Cleveland, Fresno State University Head Coach; over 500 career victories

Fresno State's Steve Cleveland is revered as one of the game's best tacticians. His ability to get maximum effort and results out of his team each year is remarkable. Cleveland examines the intricacies of his screening zone offense, which is based on 11 fundamental rules and strategies.

By implementing screening principles your team will get good shots, limit turnovers and expose zones with the inside/out game. Used primarily in man-to-man offenses, the screen has become the latest weapon against zones. By screening the zone, your team will execute quicker ball reversals and distort the zone each possession. The overload, kick opposite and skip pass features of Cleveland's offense force constant rotation of the zone.

Nine quick hitting specials create shots for your best shooters and post up players in the paint. Using Cleveland's teaching tools, you can adopt this zone offense to exert maximum pressure on any zone defense your team faces.

67 minutes. 2009.

Produced at the Fall 2008 Fresno Clinic