Advanced SOS Defensive System

Advanced SOS Defensive System
Item# BD-03180

Product Description

with Bob Kloppenburg, Inventor of SOS defense

12 years defensive coordinator for Seattle Supersonics "Bob Kloppenburg is a defensive genius. His attention to detail, progressive teaching techniques and the intensity extracted from players using his pressure defense system makes his SOS videos worth viewing for all levels of coaching. He is truly a master of disruption." Gary Smith, Retired University of Redlands Head Coach, Winningest Coach in SCIAC History, 2007 NABC Outstanding Service Award

Bob Kloppenburg's advanced version of his original SOS defense takes defensive pressure to a level never before seen. Based on extreme ball pressure, you will learn the key elements that make this defense so successful.

Kloppenburg begins with the base Go "I" and introduces basic rules. The foundation of this system is based on passing lane denial, keeping the ball in the box, fronting the post and trapping.

Kloppenburg dissects more than 15 popular offenses to illustrate the SOS's versatility and effectiveness against all possible offensive strategies. The SOS can dismantle the UCLA, Princeton, Flex, and Triple Post offense by executing the principles offered in this instructional DVD.

Kloppenburg's SOS is the result of years of coaching at the high school, college and NBA levels. If you want to disrupt and defeat your opponent's offense, this defensive system is for you.

85 minutes. 2009.