Becoming a Complete Post Player

Becoming a Complete Post Player
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with Tony Bergeron, East Longmeadow (MA) High School Head Coach; Five-Star Basketball Instructor

Attack the rim on offense and deny the post on defense using strong footwork in any area of the post.

Tony Bergeron, Program Director for Five-Star Basketball Camps, delivers a collection of skills and drills to help you develop a dominate post player.

It all starts with strong body movements and footwork in the post, which are a pivotal part of being successful in both offense and defense. Coach Bergeron teaches you specific post moves such as front and reverse pivots, rip throughs, and jump stops; as well as corresponding drills for players to utilize them in the post.

Scoring in the post is an essential skill for a complete post player. If you can't score down low, you can't be successful on offense. Bergeron provides a variety of moves to help your players overcome the defender and get the ball in the hoop. Moves include the jump hook, turnaround jump shot, up and under, drop step, and what to do in a mismatch. These moves will give your post players a better chance to score in the low post, perimeter and at top of the key.

If the opposing player can't get the ball in the post, they can't score in the post. Bergeron concentrates on three methods of post defense: bump, fronting and punch-kick. He pulls all three methods together with his most successful drill that will help post players know where and how to move in order to prevent the ball from entering the post.

Five-Star Basketball has more graduates playing college or pro ball than any other organization in basketball. Past and present basketball greats have benefited from the Five-Star camps including Elton Brand, Patrick Ewing, Moses Malone and many others.

Turn your post players into offensive and defensive threats today!

52 minutes. 2009.