Beating Full Court Pressure and Match-Up Zone Defense

Beating Full Court Pressure and Match-Up Zone Defense
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with Dave Odom, former Head Coach at the University of South Carolina and Wake Forest; 406 Career wins, 9x NCAA Tournament Appearances, 3x ACC Coach of the Year

Develop an aggressive offensive attack for countering defensive pressure. Dave Odom presents drills and strategies for successfully attacking full court pressure. In addition, you will see a segment how to attack a match-up zone using counter action and baseline screens and cutters to put the defense on their heels.

Attacking Full-Court Pressure (40 mins)
Coach Odom demonstrates build up drills for handling full-court pressure situations with an emphasis on seeing the whole court and getting the ball up the court safely. Odom showcases two press breaks that can be used as an aggressive offensive attack depending on the type of pressure you face. These press breaks allow you to have at least three good passing options open at all times and emphasize moving the ball with the pass rather than the dribble.

Countering the Match-Up Zone (15 mins)
Coach Odom walks you through his match-up zone offense. In this offense, you will see how the use of misdirection and false action can confuse the defense. With baseline screens and the use of cutters, the defense is forced to make a choice between leaving a shooter open or leaving the low post open. Odom shows you how the offense then flows into an overload where it can over power the defense in the post.

This video provides terrific strategies for alleviating defensive pressure. Order this video today and enjoy the success it will bring to your program!

54 minutes. 2015.