The Best Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays from the 2016 Olympics

The Best Quick Hitters & Late Game Plays from the 2016 Olympics
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Learn to use the best offensive plays and tactics from the 2016 Rio Olympics and gain a competitive advantage over your opponents!

- Implement a continuity pick & roll offense that constantly attacks the defense with player movement and ball reversals
- Learn how to use international tactics of false motion for spread pick & rolls to make the offense harder to guard
- Build an offensive playbook with 10 quick-hitting plays to find scoring opportunities that take advantage of the talents of your star players

with Fran Fraschilla, International Basketball Analyst for ESPN; former Division 1 college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John's University, and University of New Mexico); former NABC District II Coach of the Year & MAAC Coach of the Year

Fran Fraschilla has analyzed the top international teams from the 2016 Rio Olympics and identified the very best offensive plays and tactics. Drawing from his experience as an ESPN analyst for international basketball, Fraschilla provides you insight into some of the effective innovations in basketball offenses on the world stage.

Coach Fraschilla goes in-depth on an easy to implement (but impossible to guard) continuity pick & roll offense. Additionally, you will learn the tactics international teams are using to optimize their spread ball screen plays. If you feel that you have already refined your offensive system, Fraschilla demonstrates 10 quick hitters from some of the top international teams such as Lithuania, Serbia, Australia and more!

Continuity Pick & Roll Offense

Coach Fraschilla shows you a continuity pick & roll offense that Australia ran to great success in the Rio Olympics. This offense is a great way to isolate a talented post player in addition to creating great player movement that will scramble the defense as you run into side ball screens. You will see how to play off early post feeds in transition with speed cuts and weak side screening actions. An integral part of this continuity is the dribble hand-off, and Coach Fraschilla explains the technique and reads that are necessary to execute offensive action.

In addition to the basic scoring opportunities built into the continuity offense, you'll also get to see seven quick hitters to keep the defense off guard. These sets will help your post players score through back screens, cross screens, and high ball screens. Your guards will find open looks running off multiple types of screens, including staggers, pin screens, and flares. Fraschilla also shows what Australia did to deal with defenses that overplayed, and the ones that would switch on screens.

Spread Pick & Roll

Learn new strategies to optimize your spread pick & roll offense. See how Venezuela and Croatia utilize false motion to occupy defenders before snapping into the ball screen. You'll be able to catch defenders every time in the late angle change of the Varejao Screen. Maximize the strain you put on help defenders with short rolls and back action. Coach Fraschilla also explains how to use the five D's to space the floor on baseline drives.

You'll see two effective quick hitters that flow into the spread ball screen alignment. Learn a set play from Serbia that runs defenders through shuffle cuts and stagger screens. Lithuania provides another set that will dissect the defense with a flurry of offensive movement in screen the screener action.

Quick Hitters, Set Plays, End of Game Situations, After Timeouts

Coach Fraschilla demonstrates 10 of his favorite set plays from Olympic competition. Each set play gives you a different scoring opportunity that has proven its effectiveness on the world stage.

- Dribble Hand off Action - Used by Serbia, this is a great play for a team with an excellent play maker and will catch defenders in a hard to guard screen with huge amounts of space for the offensive player to score.
- Latvia Quick Hitter - This set looks like side pick & roll, but develops into a spread pick & roll with the use of floppy action and false motion.
- Australia Post Up Quick Hitter - Utilizes flex action for post players.
- Australia Quick Hitter - Starts from a 1-4 set and utilizes the Iverson cut to generate lob opportunities. It also contains continuity and dribble hand offs.
- Lithuania Quick Hitter - Set out of the flex looking for a 3-point shot.
- Serbia Post Entries - Great set if you have a post player who is a very good passer. Contains lots of movement and cutting that will keep defenses honest.
- Australia Late Game Quick Hitter 1 - Uses Hammer action.
- Australia Late Game Quick Hitter 2 - Uses a stagger screen to set up a 3-point opportunity.
- Lithuania Late Game Quick Hitter - Uses backs and double screens to generate multiple scoring options in a short span.

This video by Fran Fraschilla is an excellent, in-depth look at pro-style offenses that were used by international teams at the Rio Summer Olympics. Every coach will find new set plays and strategies to add into their offensive playbook!

107 minutes. 2017.