Bill Self: Breakdown Drills for the 4 Out/1 In & 3 Out/2 In Motion Attack

Bill Self:  Breakdown Drills for the 4 Out/1 In & 3 Out/2 In Motion Attack
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Get 17 drills to help implement Bill Self's motion offense attack!

- Seal defenders in the low post for easy layup opportunities at the rim
- Space off post feeds in different game situations to open up the floor for your post to go to work
- Counter common defensive strategies against ball screens so your players can score with pick & rolls

with Bill Self, University of Kansas Head Coach; Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2017); 650+ Career Wins; 14x Big 12 Regular Season Champions (2005-2018), 2018 Big 12 Co-Coach of the Year - 6x Big 12 Coach of the Year; 2008 NCAA National Champions, 2012 NCAA Runner-Up, 2016 AP, USA Today, Bleacher Report's & NABC Coach of the Year; 2012 Naismith College Coach of the Year, John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award (2013)

Watch the Kansas Jayhawks breakdown their Fist and Four-Game ball screen offenses through practice drills. Head coach Bill Self explains concepts on a whiteboard in addition to showing you everything he discusses live on the court.

These drills are split into position-specific workouts for your bigs and guards so you can maximize your teaching of the details to each players' skill set. You'll have a much better understanding of how to implement Kansas' 3-out and 4-out ball screen attacks with the 17 drills demonstrated in this video.

Breakdown Drills for Bigs

Watch as post players are led through eight drills that refine their skill set for operating in the low post, utilizing ball screens, and playing through high-lows. A critical component to post play is sealing the defender to receive the ball. Learn a drill specifically designed for teaching post players how to use the duck-in move to seal defenders high for lob passes and easy finishes. Self reinforces this action through a progression of drills that have posts build up the movements of their high-low passing game.

In the 2v1 drill, players practice different options on high post flashes. This develops into chasing into ball screens and playing out of multiple options created in their offense through the 2v2 and High-Low Passing drills. The Jump Hook Series is a great way to get your bigs a ton of repetitions on essential post moves such as the jump hook, up & under, and face up.

You'll also see three great shooting drills for extending the range of your bigs on high post flashes and pick & pops.

Breakdown Drills for Guards

Nine different drills will train your guards to get downhill and make plays in the Fist and Four-Game offense. Learn how to space the floor after post feeds with three or four perimeter players on the floor. See how to drill four different offensive strategies for using ball screens based on what the defense tries to stop you with. Additionally, make your players shoot in situations similar to what they will see in games through four different breakdown drills.

In the L-Cut drill, guards learn how to get open at the wings and make separation moves to free up their mid-range jump shot. Players will also refine their scoring off wide pin downs, learn to get past defenders with dribble moves in the open court, and practice making the next pass to open shooters on baseline drives.These drills from Coach Self will help you implement the Kansas ball screen offenses in addition to giving you strategies to improve your players' skills!

74 minutes. 2017.