Breakdown Drills to Build Your Motion Offense

Breakdown Drills to Build Your Motion Offense
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with Matt Bollant, University of Illinois Head Women's Basketball Coach; former University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Head Women's Basketball Coach; 4x Horizon League Coach of the Year (2012, 2011, 2009, 2008); back-to-back 30+ win seasons (2010-12); Kay Yow National Coach of the Year 2011

Get the tools you need to implement the same offense that led Matt Bollant to back-to-back 30 win seasons.

Join Coach Bollant and his players as they breakdown the components to this highly effective motion offense. This is not your traditional X's and O's clinic! Coach Bollant stresses execution, timing, and intensity above running from Point A to Point B. He provides you with high-intensity, fundamental passing and cutting drills will make your team better, one player at a time. These essential concepts, drills and actions will give every coach insight into what makes the Wisconsin Green Bay program so successful.

Coach Bollant runs his players through their mini-clinic workout drills to start this DVD. His focus on developing the player first is clearly seen and the precise execution of the drills demonstrate his attention to detail. Drills such as Start, Stop and Turn and his Four Line Drill will develop the fundamentals necessary to have success in any offense--but, especially in the motion offense. Drills such as the V-Cut and L-Cut drill will help your team learn to initiate this offense through varying speeds and timing.

Bollant doesn't limit his instruction to just the court though. He discusses many aspects that are necessary to developing a solid team. His four ways to communicate a screen are just as important as his on-court lessons on how to set the screen.

Bollant also runs his team through a series of post drills where the focus is on the work the players do before they catch the ball. This emphasis on footwork and body control will assist your players in creating easy shots for themselves once the ball arrives.

After coach Bollant covers the proper footwork and post up angles, he introduces you to his 4-out-1-in motion principles necessary to put the offense in place. Understanding the timing within a fast-flowing offense will make this motion tough to guard physically and mentally.

Lastly, you'll see five highly effective sets that either lead into the motion or can be implemented as quick-hitters to exploit a defense's weakness. With a backdoor play, a 1-4-high set, 3-point plays and a secondary break, your team will be virtually unstoppable.Matt Bollant's motion fundamentals will allow you to run a quick, fast-flowing motion offense with such speed and precision your opponents will be left in the dust.

65 minutes. 2012.