Chris Mack: Continuity Pick & Roll Offense

Chris Mack: Continuity Pick & Roll Offense
Chris Mack: Continuity Pick & Roll Offense
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with Chris Mack, Xavier University Head Coach; 2009-10 Basketball Times Rookie Coach of the Year, 2010 Sweet 16; tied the school record for the most wins ever by an Xavier rookie head coach (26). Ball screens are becoming a huge part of basketball and can be a successful tool for your team if they are executed properly. This ball screen DVD will give you the tools you need to install this system into your program.

In this on-court clinic presentation, Chris Mack gives you a comprehensive look at the inner workings of a successful ball screen offense.

Coach Mack will show you how a ball screen offense can: Limit turnovers and make plays by keeping the ball in your best players hands Force your opponent's post players to defend away from the basket Gain rebounding advantages, get open shots, get to the free throw line more often and create mismatches using rotations

Learn the most important concepts you must teach the dribbler and the screener: Creating separation, getting to the level of the screen, how to hold the screen and the three types of screens.

Using a 2-on-2 demonstration, Mack shows you the five defense attacks most commonly used to defend the ball screen. For each of these scenarios, Mack takes you through two ways to attack the defense and provides the ball handler and screener reads and passes.

To help you incorporate ball screens into your offense, Mack delivers ball screen plays in a 5-on-0 setting.

Using this effective ball screen offense, Coach Mack was the winningest first-year head coach in Division I in 2009-10 and the only rookie head coach to lead his team into the 2010 NCAA Tournament field.

68 minutes. 2010.