Cheryl Reeve: Loop and Elbow Offenses and Counter Sets

Cheryl Reeve: Loop and Elbow Offenses and Counter Sets
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Learn two series of sets with an inverted offense that helped the Minnesota Lynx win 4 WNBA titles!

- Discover how to create mismatches for your best player at any position
- Neutralize defensive switches and turn the switching action into a scoring opportunity
- Learn an innovative "elevator door screen" that almost guarantees an open shot at the top of the key

with Cheryl Reeve, Minnesota Lynx (WNBA) Head Coach; 2017 WNBA Champions; led the Lynx to four WNBA championships in seven years (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017), along with two runner-up finishes; 2x WNBA Coach of the Year (2011, 2016)

With fewer teams playing with traditional big men, it is important to have other ways to get the ball inside for high percentage shots. Coach Cheryl Reeve takes you step-by-step through two series of offensive sets, with counters, that she has developed through the years.

Using the Loop and Elbow series on offense, Reeve is able to develop a motion-oriented half-court offense that includes multiple cutting and screening actions that keep defenses guessing. Starting with 5-on-0 demonstrations and proceeding to 5-on-5, Reeve details the spacing and timing needed for these two sets to force mismatches and create 2-on-1 and 3-on-2 advantages.

Coach Reeve shows multiple options and reads that allow players to improve their decision-making skills and maximize their creativity, a vital part of player development.

Loop Series

The Loop series starts with a traditional "zipper" action and add in several maneuvers. One such maneuver is one that Reeve has used with star players Maya Moore and Seimone Augustus. This is done by using the flash cut that comes on the pass back to the post player who set the down screen of the "zipper" action. The biggest reason for using the flash cut into the post is to invert the offense and create an easy scoring opportunity for a wing player who is being guarded by someone not used to playing post defense.

Other maneuvers are demonstrated, including the flare screen, side ball screen, stagger double, and UCLA cut. The options out of the Loop series give a multiple offense from one look and can be used to take advantage of your personnel.

Elbow Series

From a horns set, the Elbow series is introduced. This is a set of plays to create favorable match-ups and as a late-game package when execution is required to create separation. One such way is to get an easy scoring opportunity for the point guard using a UCLA cut after the entry to the post player is made. When this option fails, a pin-down screen by the opposite post player can result in an easy post-up opportunity.

Out of the Elbow series, double-down screens, handoffs, flex actions and others are shown to use upon entry to the high post, as well as how to disguise Elbow plays using the initial actions of the Loop series.

Utilizing Counters

With many set actions, defenses have the ability to take away some of the best actions that your team wants to execute during games. Reeve goes through counters in both the Loop and Elbow series to take advantage of the defense.

Out of the Loop series, Reeve has the player bump back to the corner looking for the ball if the defense anticipates the down screen. The adjustment made gives the wing player a look at an open shot by taking advantage of the defense.

The offensive series can also be put together by running Loop to get into Elbow series plays. The multiple options that Reeve's two main sets have in common is that they will keep the opposing defense guessing while getting your best players the scoring opportunities you want.

Don't miss this chance to spend time with one of the WBNA's most successful coaches. Her exceptional attention to detail in this video means you will not only gain a better understanding of the flow and spacing of the offense, but how to maximize player execution as well.

Produced at the Spring 2016 Pittsburgh (PA) clinic.

70 minutes. 2016.