The Complete Guide to Bo Ryan's Swing Offense & Offensive System

The Complete Guide to Bo Ryan's Swing Offense & Offensive System
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Product Description

Learn the basics, quick hitters, and tactics to attack pressure in the famous Bo Ryan Swing Offense!

- Discover how to utilize ball screens, quick-hitters and counters in the swing offense
- Get end line out of bounds and sideline out of bounds plays
- See Coach Ryan's X Factor, Zone Specials, and Overloads to score against a zone defense

with Bo Ryan, member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame (2017); former University of Wisconsin Head Coach; Back-to-Back NCAA Final Four ('14 & '15); 4x Big Ten Coach of the Year; 7x Big Ten Champions (three tournament & four regular season titles); former UW-Platteville Head Coach - 4x NCAA DIII National Champions; over 740 career wins (.762 winning percentage)

As basketball evolves, coaches are always looking for new offensive ideas that will help them create an edge. This video is THE most comprehensive presentation of the offensive strategy of Hall of Fame Coach Bo Ryan!

Using a whole-part-whole method, Bo Ryan introduces and provides the background knowledge necessary to building the Swing Offense from the ground up. He covers every aspect of an offensive game plan; from man to zone offense, out-of bounds plays from the sideline and baseline, full-court press attacks, late game plays, attacking half-court pressure, and 20 quick hitters.

You'll get nearly four hours of Coach Ryan teaching, correcting, installing and practicing offensive strategies for all levels of basketball.

The Swing Offense

Coach Ryan has long been known for his "Swing Offense" that features precise spacing, pace on cuts and screens, and relentless attacks on the rim. He starts with the installation of the Swing Offense vs. man defense, teaching the basics of the offense, first using 5-on-0 drills showing the up screen, back screen and fade screen principles that are the hallmarks of the offense. Ryan then transitions to teaching the offense and making adjustments for the players in 5-on-5 situations.

The video then teaches you how to use a variety of ball screen actions as the shot clock winds down to create scoring opportunities once the continuity aspect of the offense has been defended.

Within the offense, there are a variety of entries and counters that Coach Ryan explains with great detail. Every opponent will defend certain actions differently, and Ryan makes sure you are well prepared for anything a defense may throw at your team.

In addition to the Swing Offense, Ryan explains how his fast-paced transition offense seamlessly flows into the Swing. He demonstrates how to get high percentage shots early in the shot clock through various reads within his transition game. Everything he teaches is done with great pace, which puts the defense in multiple closeout positions and gives the offense a huge advantage.

Quick-Hitters and Special Situations

Coach Ryan provides sets that will help you attack in special situations, baseline out of bounds plays, sideline out of bounds plays and full court plays for different situations. He provides reasoning for using the sets and how to manage the clock.

The quick-hitters give your players some different formations to attack man defenses, including pressure releases, taking advantages of mismatches, getting the ball to certain players in certain areas of the court, providing offensive rebounding tips and techniques, and providing multiple ways for your players to be successful on the offensive of the ball.

Special situations from out of bounds are covered from both the sideline and baseline to attack both man and zone defenses with multiple sets shown with a multitude of options.

Breakdown Drills

Ryan demonstrates various breakdown drills that will show you how to teach certain concepts and formations within the Swing Offense. He creates building blocks within his breakdown drills that make it easy to apply them in a practice situation. He emphasizes the importance of running your drills with no defense as well as in live action. This allows players to learn the concepts in both a controlled and uncontrolled environment.

Zone Offense

The video provides a detailed zone offense strategy that begins with breakdown drills, including 2-on-0, 3-on-2, and 4-on-3 zone offense principles. Fundamentals covered include ball reversal, driving the gaps, high low action, screening the zone and player movement. A major emphasis of both his zone offense and man offense is getting the ball into the middle of the defense and attacking from there. As Ryan breaks down the zone offense, he puts special emphasis on the following:

2 bigs in the middle of the zone working in tandem. When guarded with man on, pass the ball. When unguarded, dribble drive. Opposite big not receiving the pass needs to rim run. Shot fake, pass fake the zone. If you want to implement the Swing Offense, who better to learn from than the master of the offense? Coach Ryan does a great job of breaking this offense down and providing the keys to make it successful at every level. The simplicity of his concepts make it easy to teach and will help your team destroy opponents on the scoreboard.

235 minutes (2 DVDs). 2017.