Comprehensive Guide to the Flex Offense

Comprehensive Guide to the Flex Offense
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with Bob Schlosser, Elizabethtown College (PA) Head Coach; 325 Career Victories, 3 Commonwealth Conference Championships Former Allentown Central Catholic High School (PA) Head Coach, 204 Career Victories, 2 PIAA Class AAA State Championships

Learn to master the Flex continuity offense with counters!

The Flex has been popularized over the past few decades. It's easy to run and primarily based on flex screens and down screens. The difficulty is the proper execution of all the screens and the timing of the motion. Bob Schlosser breaks down his variation, which eliminates the down screen, to create easy, open shots.

Coach Schlosser goes into great detail to show exactly how the offense works and how it creates open looks. He adds different variations to the continuity by using a flare action rather than a traditional down screen. These variations allow for dribble penetration and they keep the defense from overplaying in the passing lanes.

He also shows several counters to keep the defense guessing. By using these counters the defense cannot just go through the motions of the continuity or they will give up an easy open look.

With his variation of the Flex, Schlosser also gives you some rules that he uses based on where the ball is passed and counters to every defensive pressure you will encounter.

Breakdown Drills:
The actions of the Flex Offense are broken down into seven drills to help install and reinforce the actions of the offense. These drills emphasize triple threat position, simulate getting into the offense from different spots on the floor, work on backdoor cuts, get players to hit the open man and work on finishing at the rim.

Entries and Out of Bounds Plays:
Using seven different entries into the Flex that have their own variations keeps the defense totally off balance. Also, it allows certain players to get open looks early into the offensive set. By utilizing different counters throughout the entries makes it impossible for your opponent to scout all the possible actions - giving your offense the upper hand. Coach Schlosser also shows how to use sideline and baseline out of bounds situations into a flex set. With all these different actions defenses will have extreme difficulty preventing an open look.

Transition Offense:
Traditionally, the Flex is renowned as a half court offense. Schlosser, however, takes the offense a step further and expands it to the full court. Using stagger screens and screen the screener actions, your shooters will get a variety of looks at the basket early in the shot clock. Schlosser also highlights two set plays off of the break which will allow for both a post-up and a double-stagger for your primary shooter.

If you are a coach who runs the Flex, or one that is looking for a few Flex sets, this DVD will improve upon your offensive game. Order now and open looks are guaranteed.

57 minutes. 2011.