Disadvantage Drills for Building Your Team

Disadvantage Drills for Building Your Team
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with Frank Allocco, De La Salle (CA) HS Head Coach; 2014 McDonald's All-American Game West Squad Head Coach; 2x State Champions (only coach in California history to take two schools to a state title); 2000 National High School Coach of the Year; 2nd All-Time in the State of California in Winning Percentage; 9 final fours in past 13 years, California State Coach of the Year (2010, 2011); 2012 National Catholic Coach of the Year

Learn how to teach players to make better decisions in disadvantage situations using drills created by one of the country's top high school coaches. Legendary California high school coach Frank Allocco shares practice secrets like disadvantage drills that will help your team crush opponents. These drills prepare players by putting them in practice situations that are tougher than anything they'll encounter in a game.

Playing in an outnumbered situation creates athletes that think quicker, make better decisions and exhibit greater confidence and composure. Whether it's a 5-on-4 situation that works correct positioning on defense or 1-on-1 with a trailer drill that forces your ball handler to get to the rim quick, these drills will help athletes handle tough moments on the court.

Here are some of the key features of the DVD:
  • Disadvantage drills to help young athletes play better and become better decision makers under pressure
  • Strategies to teach players how to get rid of the ball before they get double-teamed and trapped
  • Techniques to help players draw the defense to them and create open shots for their teammates
  • Suggestions for teaching players to get open without the ball
  • Drills that teach players to be strong with the ball
  • Techniques that show players how to attack, turning defensive pressure into an offensive advantage
  • Strategies to teach players to welcome the thought that everything is against them

  • Using on-court demonstrations, Coach Allocco shows how to use basic drills in a disadvantage situation. His dribble drills teach ball handlers to create space and attack when given the chance. With the offensive disadvantage drills, players learn how to handle a double team and how to be strong with the ball. The defensive disadvantage set covers key points like competition and communication. Fast-break drills are also used to prepare players for game-day scenarios. Finally, in the full-court disadvantage drills, players get to run up and down the court using many of the concepts covered in earlier sections.

    One of the highlight drills in this presentation is a 2-on-1 build up to 5-on-5 and then back down to 2-on-1. This unique approach to a popular drill forces athletes to communicate as they slowly take players off the court. Also, by having nine possessions in one drill, fatigue begins to affect the players and their focus must increase.

    By using these disadvantage drills, players will feel more confident facing any opponent. This is a must-have DVD for any coach looking to take their players to the next level of competition.

    Produced at the Spring 2013 Portland (OR) clinic.

    63 minutes. 2014.