Duke Basketball: Competitive Shooting Drills

Duke Basketball: Competitive Shooting Drills
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with Chris Collins, Northwestern University Head Coach; former Duke University Associate Head Coach; Assistant US Olympic Men's Coach at the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Games (Gold Medals); Collins, who works primarily with Duke's backcourt players, has worked with Jason Williams (2x National Player of the Year and 2x First Team All American), J.J. Redick (2x National Player of the Year and 2x All American), Chris Duhon, Daniel Ewing, Gerald Henderson, Jon Scheyer, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith Create effective shooters by training at game intensity with game shots instead of wasting time in the gym shooting meaningless shots.

Duke shooting sensation, Chris Collins, shares his knowledge of shooting in 10 competitive shooting drills that have helped make Duke one of the top shooting schools in the country. Coach Collins shows you how to maximize your time and space as he teaches you drills that will keep your players constantly moving and not standing waiting for their next shot.

Coach Collins breaks down shots for your post players, guards, and wings. Using Duke players as demonstrators, he shows you a post series to develop finishing moves around the rim. The goal in each drill is to simulate a defender taking up space in the paint as you practice different types of shots. Collins adds a shooting series drill to get your players loose and moving.

These drills are great for warming up before a game, before practice, or before your workouts.

Once your players are moving, you can get down to business with a Penetrate and Kick Series. With each drive, baseline, middle, or shallow; your players will learn how to play off of each other as they move around the perimeter looking for their shot. With Collins' Continuous Penetrate and Kick, your players will compete against the clock or each other to hit game shots at game intensity.

Next, you'll learn how out to effectively pass out of the post and relocate for a better shot. He demonstrates various types of actions your players can perform out of a post pass while relocating.

Once your players have mastered these techniques, Collins adds screening action with the posts and guards to simulate game-like movements. Teach your players how to play off of down screens, flare screens, baseline action, and how to post up guards to make them solid shooters from anywhere on the court.

Your players will love Collins' 5 Minute 3-Point Shooting. As they locate themselves around the perimeter, they will have to beat the clock with any number of three point makes you set for them. Your players will greatly improve their shooting consistency and effectiveness with this shooting series.

Your players will get a great conditioning workout from each competitive drill that Coach Collins has to share. They will get a lot of game shots at game spots with game intensity by competing against each other and against the clock - and that will pay dividends on game night.

64 minutes. 2013.