Frank Allocco: Skills and Drills for Building Hard Nosed Half Court Team Defense

Frank Allocco: Skills and Drills for Building Hard Nosed Half Court Team Defense
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with Frank Allocco, De La Salle (CA) HS Head Coach; 2x State Champions (only coach in California history to take two schools to a state title); 2000 National High School Coach of the Year; 2nd All-Time in the State of California in Winning Percentage; 9 final fours in past 13 years, California State Coach of the Year (2010, 2011); 2012 National Catholic Coach of the Year

2012 National Coach of the Year Frank Allocco, whose teams have given up less than 40 points per game over the past 10 years (that includes allowing just 34.48 points per game - with a shot clock - in 2011-12), shows you how to build a "team first" defensive mentality. Using this sequence of skills and drills will give your players a clear understanding of their expectations on defense.

Stance is critical, and like many fundamentals you have to work on it every day practice. Coach Allocco teaches and demonstrates his Form Drills which focus on building the technique for on-ball defense, denial, help side sag/traditional, and post stances. After showing the particular stance he demonstrates progressive drills to enhance the skill. These drills teach defenders to move their feet, which makes them harder to screen and discourages drives to the middle.

The Form Drills progress into drills that put players in game-like situations and end "live." Closeouts, shell defense, and ball screens are featured in these drills. You can use these drills to teach the skills required to build this style of man-to-man defense, making things tangible and achievable.

Communication is the basis for everything you'll do defensively. Allocco believes communication is vital to not only make the defense better but to help your players learn. Allocco shares the terminology he uses and demonstrates how effective it can be to defending the ball screen.

This video will give you a variety of ideas on how to stop and frustrate your opponent with defense by repeating the practice of good habits and aggressive play.

Produced at the Spring 2010 Wisconsin Dells (WI) clinic.

80 minutes. 2012.