Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets

Fred Hoiberg: Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets
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with Fred Hoiberg, Iowa State University Head Coach; 2014 Big 12 Tournament Champions; 2012 Big 12 Co-Head Coach of the Year; 10-year NBA veteran and former executive with the Minnesota Timberwolves; In 2012, Coach Hoiberg engineered the biggest turnaround in Big 12 history (23 wins, including an opening round win over the defending national champion in the 2012 NCAA Tournament); In 2013 Iowa State lead the nation is 3-Pointers Per Game Transform your team into a fast-paced, effective offensive juggernaut.

In just three years Fred Hoiberg has built Iowa State into a force to be reckoned with. His two consecutive 20+ win seasons and the two subsequent trips to the second round of the NCAA Tournament are largely due to Coach Hoiberg's effective transition offense.In this video, you will learn more than just a specific transition offense. Hoiberg delivers several multi-tiered transition plays with multiple looks and the philosophy behind them. It's an entire playbook!

Coach Hoiberg starts by showing his basic scheme, which he calls primary break, with spacing rules by position. He believes that transition can be the most important phase that a team can incorporate through proper spacing, crisp cuts and precise passing. Through on-court demonstration, Hoiberg teaches you the ins and outs of the Cyclones' sets:

Primary Break, Flex Set ( with six options)
Wide Pin Down Set (four options)
Drag Series (four options)
Isolation Set (three options)
"1" Transition (three options)
"2" Transition (two options, plus transformation into 3-out-2-in, 4-out-1-in, 5-out set ups)

In addition, Coach Hoiberg explains and walks through another half-court set right out of transition, as well as two bonus zone adaptations (one with a runner and another with a screening option).

To end the DVD, Coach Hoiberg answers questions that coaches may come across when implementing this scheme. He provides many points on how to use the different actions and how you can constantly change to keep a defense guessing and find weaknesses in a defense for easy baskets.

By using this transition scheme, the Cyclones have been at or near the top of the NCAA rankings for points in transition and three point shooting - an after-effect of this transition scheme and effective spacing.

This DVD is very well organized and is essential for any team that likes to get out and run and score easy baskets in transition. "Transition Basketball with Six Secondary Break Sets" is full of teaching points and best suited for advanced high school and college basketball coaches.

60 minutes. 2013.