Fran McCaffery: The 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Press

Fran McCaffery: The 1-2-2 Three-Quarter Court Press
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with Fran McCaffery, University of Iowa Head Coach; 2012-13 NIT Runner-Up; 2014 NCAA Tournament; former head coach at Siena; three straight Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances at Siena (2008-10)

Fran McCaffery, head coach at the University of Iowa, shares his stifling form of full-court, three-quarter-court, and half-court defense out of the 1-2-2. In this presentation, he demonstrates the various ways this defense can be used along with game situations it can be adapted to fit and how any coaching style can use some aspect of it. Coach McCaffery uses on-court demonstrations to give an in-depth look at four different versions of the 1-2-2 three-quarter press: Traditional, Grey, Late Game, and Contain.

Coach McCaffery starts with the basics of the 1-2-2 three-quarter press. He shows how to maximize your team's potential by clearly explaining players' roles and responsibilities. You'll also learn how to read your opponent's attack against your press, which opens the door for later versions of your press game. See how to implement a basic trapping game at half-court and in the front court for a late trap. Learn how to fall back into a traditional 1-2-2 zone and morph your defense into a 2-3 zone as teams struggle to break your press.

If your opponent figures out how to beat your traditional 1-2-2 press, you can confuse them by creating a faster-paced press. Use the "Grey" option to make your opponent think you're playing a traditional press. Then, create havoc by switching to man-to-man principles after the first pass. Watch scoring opportunities open up as your force your opponents to put the ball into the hands of their worst ball handlers.

Late Game
Just when your opponent thinks they have a grasp on your game, you can use Coach McCaffery's third option to disguise your 1-2-2 three-quarter press and create overall confusion. Late in the game as your team looks to seal the lead, you can change calls to force your opponent to dribble more and waste time as they bring the ball up court. By forcing your opponent to dribble more, pick the ball up and make long cross-court passes, your can force a 10-second call. Learn how to force teams to play east-west instead of moving the ball up the court.

To finish off your opponent, Coach McCaffery shows you how to "contain" the basketball as you force your opponent into multiple traps. Learn how to get the ball out of the hands of the best ball handler and how to force your opponent to make bad decisions, turning the ball over and leading to more scoring opportunities for your team. Your opponent will feel pressured into making bad passes across court.

If your team is built for a zone pressure scheme, then Coach McCaffery's 1-2-2 zone press is just the right mix for you. Coach McCaffery shows how to create pressure and indecision for your opponent's offense. This philosophy will disguise your defense and create uncertainty with each possession. This is a must-have DVD filled with strategies that will help any coach and team become successful..

Produced at the Spring 2014 Myrtle Beach (SC) clinic.

73 minutes. 2014.