Fran McCaffery: The Rotation Continuity Zone Offense

Fran McCaffery: The Rotation Continuity Zone Offense
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with Fran McCaffery, University of Iowa Head Coach; 2012 NIT Runner-Up; former Head Coach at Siena; three straight Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference championships and NCAA Tournament appearances at Siena (2008-10)

University of Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery offers you a look at his Rotation Zone Continuity Offense that has proven successful throughout his career. This continuity offense has detailed cuts, actions, and movements that will get your best shooters a shot from anywhere on the court.

Coach McCaffery uses on court demonstrators to take you through the repetitive movements within the Rotation Zone Offense. Coach starts with a basic set-up that you can use to initiate your offense or allow your players to morph their set up into a more traditional zone offense to beat the best 2-3 zone. With each pass, McCaffery details where offensive players must move to create a scoring opportunities for themselves for their team.

As you watch Coach McCaffery breakdown the 2-3 zone defense, you will learn several different entry angles including high post, wing, wing reversal, and dribble penetration. With each entry, you will learn how to stretch your opponent's 2-3 zone defense in order to attack it from the baseline and score lay-up after lay-up on your opponents. He details each players responsibility as they move the ball from side to side shifting the defense and creating open shots at the high post, baseline, or open jumpers from the wing.

Once your players have mastered the basic concepts, cuts, and actions of the Rotation Zone Offense, Coach McCaffery outlines four different looks within the offense that will confuse your opponents and give you special scoring situations out of a timeout, free throw, or late game situation, that will energize your offense.

By using 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 demonstrations, you will learn how to master the Rotation Zone Offense and ways to implement it right into your offensive system, so your opponents won't know how to guard you, whether man or zone.

With patience and aggressive cuts, your team will soon be dissecting any 2-3 zone with this time-tested offense.

73 minutes. 2013.