Ganon Baker: Basketball IQ Development Drills, Volume 2

Ganon Baker: Basketball IQ Development Drills, Volume 2
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Product Description

Learn why the NBA's best (and those hoping to be in the NBA) train with Ganon Baker!

- Build the instincts players need to read the defense to attack and space from dribble penetration
- Learn to attack pick & roll defenses in a variety of ways to score against any opponent
- Discover four ways to execute a dribble hand-off to beat pressure and create scoring opportunities

with Ganon Baker, Founder of Elev8 Sports Institute, Owner of Ganon Baker Basketball, WNBA/NBA Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician; He has worked with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, Amar'e Stoudemire, Kevin Durant, Grant Hill, Brittney Griner, Skylar Diggins, and Maya Moore

Renowned basketball skills trainer Ganon Baker is back! Ganon's latest video is crammed with basketball knowledge that will improve your coaching in multiple ways. Through six practice drills, you will learn how you can develop the decision making of your basketball players to read and react to the constant action of a basketball game. As your players refine their skills and ability to see the floor, they will unlock new opportunities to create scoring opportunities.

In this video, you will gain insight on how to space off dribble penetration, improve your players' mid-range game, score through ball screens, blow past closeouts, deliver clean passes, play through consecutive actions on offense, and much more.

Basic Set-up Drill

Good offense is created through breaking the defense down with multiple actions. Ganon explains how your players should read multiple defenders to make one of four decisions as a playmaker. You'll learn how the variations in this drill progress to teach players how to correctly re-attack the defense with good decision making. You will see how to:

- Teach players to get to the paint to draw more fouls and get higher percentage shots
- Get players to react on offense depending on how the defense plays them
- Teach players to drive to the basket
- Teach players to wrap or sink to the corner based on the direction of the drive

This drill is a staple in Ganon's training library that can be used as a warm-up and skill development drill.


Learn how to utilize four different shooting techniques to improve the versatility of your mid-range game. Ganon shows you a drill that forces players to think on the fly while perfecting their ability to shoot floaters from different spots on the floor. Additionally, you'll see three ways that you can protect the ball when driving through traffic.

Ball Screens

Defenses can attack pick & rolls in a variety of ways. A great offensive player needs to be able to respond to anything their opponent throws at them. You will see strategies for attacking six of the most common defensive tactics used to stop ball screens. Not only must players be able to perform these moves, but they also have to execute them without hesitation in the chaos of a game. Ganon shows you the perfect practice drill for training these reactions.

Closeout Drill

Great offensive players can consistently beat their defender in closeout situations. Ganon demonstrates how to attack closeouts based on how the defender is playing. You will also see how you can break down your defender with the jab game to initiate your drive.

This multi-dimensional drill also teaches players how to score off four dribble hand-off techniques, and four "two foot" finishes your players can use to score at the rim.

Mavs Drill

Post players either become the player who clogs a teammate's drive or the recipient of an assist based on their ability to react and space off dribble penetration. This drill gives you six strategies you can use to space post players in response to middle or baseline drives. You'll also see four ways to deliver the ball to your teammate on baseline penetration and three strategies for passing the ball against tough ball pressure.

Pocket Pass Drill

This practice drill demonstrates how to play with the middle pick & roll. Learn how to thread the needle through defenders to your rolling teammate with a perfect pocket pass. You will also see three different methods for making the pass to an open perimeter shooter off of ball screens.

More importantly than what you practice, the key to developing great players is how you practice. Ganon gives you a collection of coaching tips to get the most out of your team. You'll get ideas for building communication, delivering life lessons, developing leaders, instilling a competitive fire in your players, and more. Beyond just developing great players, you will see how your coaching can result in development of great people.

What sets this video apart from many of the other skill development videos you will see on the market is that Ganon Baker shows not only the skills needed to execute moves, but also the time and place to use each move. With installation of these workouts, your players will become better decision makers and basketball players!

"There is so much information my brain was on basketball overload. I cannot wait to use what I learned with my team. I loved it!" - Keith McShan, Head Senior Boys Basketball Coach Massey Mustangs

Produced at the Fall 2016 Tulsa (OK) clinic.

75 minutes. 2017.