Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2

Harry Perretta's Unscoutable Zone Offense, Volume 2
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with Harry Perretta, Villanova University Women's Basketball Coach; over 670 career wins

Legendary Villanova Women's Head Coach Harry Perretta describes the zone offense that he has perfected over the last decade. In this on-court demonstration, Coach Perretta takes you through a conceptual offense that defines roles for your players and allows your team to exploit gaps within any zone defense. Drawing on 30-plus years of experience, Coach Peretta has evolved a continuity zone offense based on patterns and predictability into an unpredictable, concept-based offense. Your players will learn how to play the game of basketball instead of memorizing plays and patterns.

This zone offense scheme, which cannot be scouted, gives players the freedom (and responsibility) to adjust and attack freely within a distinct concept. Play can start from any position, against any defensive set-up and cab be adjusted even while in motion. Each position has specific rules in terms of location, spacing and movement. Shots are not predetermined but instead develop naturally based on your philosophy and your players' preferences.

Because this offense is so flexible and will adjust to you and your players' strengths, Coach Perretta emphasizes the importance of having your team's leader (or smartest player) in a specific role. This determines the style and effectiveness of your team's version of the "Unscoutable Zone Offense." Coach Perretta explains position rules and defines them in detail. He discusses the role of the baseline player, designated flasher (who is the focal point of his zone concepts) and the perimeter players. For the most part, this offense starts in a high-low set-up stressing the defense right from the start, forming gaps for perimeter players. He breaks down the perimeter duties and emphasizes their main responsibility of keeping the floor spaced while providing a pass and fill mentality.

The most difficult thing to guard in a zone is inside-out ball and player movement. The designated flasher will work from both the inside and outside while creating holes in the high post that filter out shots to the other perimeter players-all while still providing inside scoring.

Coach Perretta shows how his zone offense can be initiated from any spot and quickly adjust to any defensive alignment, such as 2-3, 1-3-1, or the 3-2. He also covers ways to get into the offense as well as how to customize it by adding your favorite elements, like pick-and-roll, back screens or backdoor cuts. He finishes with two sets-Strong and Weak Wave -which he uses to get specific looks. Villanova's zone offense, which truly cannot be scouted, will allow your team to attack and score against any zone defense.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

60 minutes. 2014.