Hubie Brown's Defensive Playbook for Success

Hubie Brown's Defensive Playbook for Success
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with Hubie Brown, former Memphis Grizzlies Head Coach, 1978 & 2004 NBA Coach of the Year, 20+ years as NBA analyst and sportscaster (CBS, TNT, TBS), Hall of Fame NBA Head Coach

Hubie Brown's defensive system has been successful at the high school, college, ABA, and NBA levels. A limited number of drills are the key to intense, consistent defense according to Hubie. Keeping practice at 90 minutes allows for properly paced drills and a constant level of increased intensity.

He demonstrates the jam and turn technique, which limits the offensive player's view and forces him to turn his shoulder. Drills include the Z drill, which promotes pressure man-to-man defense with proper technique; and the 2-man drill, which focuses on getting the ball into the post.

Getting through screens is a difficult skill to perfect on defense. He teaches the shooting the gap technique to take scoring cuts away from good shooters. Teaching points on the close out are no middle, leg up & touch waist and contest the shot.

Techniques for defending the back screen, red-white-blue, changing defenses and fronting the post are shown as well. As a bonus, Hubie also mixes in some late game offensive plays that are proven to win close games.

75 minutes. 2008.