Hubie Brown: How to Win Against Any Zone Defense

Hubie Brown: How to Win Against Any Zone Defense
Hubie Brown: How to Win Against Any Zone Defense
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with Hubie Brown, Basketball Hall of Fame, NBA & ABA Coaching Legend, TV analyst Learn the essential to beating traps, breaking down zone defenses and using inbounds plays to create scoring opportunities.

Decades of experience as a high school, college and pro coach, as well as a TV analyst, has given Hubie Brown a unique perspective on the game of basketball - especially how to beat a zone defense. Using this perspective, Coach Brown shares tactics for breaking down defenses at any level.

Brown bases all of his teachings off of his three essential keys to playing against any kind of pressure. He teaches and utilizes each key throughout the presentation.

Brown also provides three critical principles to create spacing and neutralize pressing, trapping and zone defenses.

These keys are put into practice in Brown's series for beating the 1-3-1 half court trap and in his series for beating any zone defense. Brown also provides a simple out of bounds under play to stress the importance of scoring on out of bounds plays and forcing your opponents to prepare for more than just your offense and defense.

See what Brown calls, "the best thing we've ever created in our coaching career."

He also presents a special zone attack that confuses the defense when coming out of a timeout.

Here is your chance to learn from the one of the greatest clinicians of the game.Brown has made a career out of coaching teams and players with less talent than the competition. These easy tips and tactics will show you how!

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