Hubie Brown: Leadership, Practice Planning and Game Management

Hubie Brown: Leadership, Practice Planning and Game Management
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Improve your coaching practices with wisdom and strategies from basketball legend Hubie Brown
- Plan practices that will prepare your players for every critical phase of the game
- Discover the secrets to building the foundation of a winning team
- Learn strategies that can help you steal a win in a clutch situation

with Hubie Brown, Distinguished member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, 2x NBA Coach of the Year; 2x Sports Emmy Nominee as NBA Analyst (1994, 1999)

Leadership and organization go hand in hand when teaching the game of basketball to any level. The basketball court is an extension of the classroom, where your players learn and maximize their potential. Hall of Fame coach Hubie Brown has seen it all in his long, esteemed career in basketball. He has taught collegiate courses on how to build a coaching philosophy, and how to put this philosophy into action.

Coach Brown takes you through a detailed course on how to become better at your craft.

In this lecture-style clinic, he passes on the best ideas that he has learned through his experiences as a coach and television analyst. You will get insight on a variety of topics ranging from leadership, to practice planning and game strategy.

Leadership and Organization

Coach Brown describes the characteristics that define great leadership, concepts for enhancing your players' learning experience, considerations in establishing rules for your program, and the five dangers to avoid in coaching and in life.

Organization is important in all areas of your program, and will allow you to effectively use your time to teach. The basketball court is an extension of the classroom, and players/coaches need to continue to learn to progress. Even at the NBA level, learning is important. Players become invested and buy into the program. Organization makes you a better teacher and allows you to accomplish your tasks every day.

Practice Planning

Coach Brown discusses how to construct your practices with a variety of ideas that will enable you to optimally prepare your players for victory. He shares his progression of practice segments, how to manage time throughout practice, and recommends the types of drills you should be running to sufficiently cover concepts such as defense, fast breaks, shooting and special situations. You will also get ideas on how to incorporate daily lessons into your practices and to positively handle a loss from the previous night's game in your next practice.

Coach Brown details the six main shooting drills he has done through the years. He focuses on passing in his shooting drills in order to develop quick footwork and releases while executing proper shooting technique.

Game Management

Many games come down to the final minutes, and a coach's knowledge and ability to make the right decision under pressure can determine wins or losses for their players. Learn how to improve the efficiency of your time outs, what you need to know in deciding your plays for late game situations and how to win with a team that will be regularly outmatched. Finally, Coach Brown tells you how to get the most out of your defense by emphasizing three key stats and making tactical changes during the course of the game.

Refine your coaching philosophy with the best practices that basketball legend Hubie Brown has learned through his own experiences.

Produced at the Fall 2015 Toronto clinic.

76 minutes. 2016.