Kevin Boyle: End-of-Game Winning Strategies & Plays

Kevin Boyle: End-of-Game Winning Strategies & Plays
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A complete end-of-game package filled with tips, skills, drills, and plays to score when it matters most!

- Utilize a simple motion with four different scoring options to enhance your effectiveness in last possession situations
- Create layup opportunities on baseline inbound plays to steal easy points against your opponent at any point in the game
- Incorporate late game, full court plays to get the ball down the court and into the hands of your best player in order to give your team a chance to win

with Kevin Boyle, Montverde Academy (FL) Head Boys Basketball Coach, 2018 High School National Champions, 2018 Naismith High School Boy's Coach of the Year (also won the Naismith award in 2011); 2018 American Family Insurance ALL-USA Boys Basketball National Coach of the Year, 4x High School National Champions, including Back-to-Back-to-Back National titles (2013-15) - only high school coach ever to win three Consecutive National Championships, In 2017, USA TODAY named Montverde Academy the "Team of the Decade" in High School Basketball in the U.S., 4x National High School Coach of the Year (USA Today, Naismith and ESPN) 4x Jordan Brand Classic Head Coach

In the Last six NBA Drafts (2011-15) Boyle has coached five players selected in the top 3 overall picks - the first time any college or high school has ever accomplished Have you ever found yourself in a critical moment of the game without the answer your team needs to secure the victory? Kevin Boyle, three-time National High School Coach of the Year, has excelled in these situations throughout a career of coaching at the most elite levels of high school basketball. This video will give you a whole new bag of tricks for being able to score out of a number of special situations.

In addition to three different practice drill sequences and over 20 plays for late game situations, Boyle shares the lessons he has learned in these scenarios so you can manage end of game scenarios with poise and confidence.

Skill Drills

None of your plays matter if you don't have the athletes who can handle pressure in the game's critical moments. Coach Boyle shows you the drill series he regularly uses in his practices to develop the footwork and passing needed to execute through adversity.

- Pivoting Series - Boyle stresses the importance of players learning to pivot, and be able to differentiate when to use them in a game. There are several parts to the pivoting series that work on pivoting to alleviate pressure. Coaches are able to build on the drill and add different forms of pivots. You will simulate game-like situations with pressure on the basketball, and reverse pivot to simulate a defender over-playing on the wing.

- Passing Series - The drills presented vary from your basic passing drills by adding a dribble and stepping around the defender. Players who are unable to step around a defender and make a pass are more likely to step into a defender and no longer have space to make a good pass. Boyle begins the passing series by practicing with one hand and making passes. Each drill series includes multiple variations so you can expose your players to the various scenarios they'll encounter in games.

End-of-Game Sets

After the fundamental session, Coach Boyle goes right into end-game situations. He gives you an entire library of game-winning plays in the following areas:

- Sideline Inbound Plays - Learn three unique plays that will free up your best shooters using multiple screening actions to get the 3-point shot you need.
- Motion Sets - Improve the effectiveness of your end of quarter plays by incorporating motion through ball and player movement. Coach Boyle will show how you can scramble the defense while running down the clock with "Villanova." You'll also see three sets that can be run in these situations that open up driving lanes and create open shooters off triangle screen-the-screener actions.
- Full Court Plays - These three plays will help you go coast-to-coast in the final seconds to win the game. Coach Boyle gives you a play to quickly advance the ball to half court, a 'Hail Mary' with seconds on the clock, and a play that will help you attack with an advantage versus full court pressure.
- Half Court Sets - These three tried and true set plays start your offense with several different looks and initial scoring opportunities before flowing into ball screens. See how you can use a simple continuity pattern to keep the defense scrambling as they try to cover the next pick & roll coming at them. Boyle also shows a simple practice drill to teach players how to make lob passes into their post players versus aggressive denial.
- Zone Sets - Force the defense into uncomfortable situations with the pick & roll in these three plays. These sets leave the defense with no choice but to help on the drive or leave a shooter open. Additionally, you'll learn how to make your transition versus zone defenses more effective by circling your trailer into the high post.
- Baseline Inbounds Plays - Boyle ends this clinic session with five plays that will help you score versus man or zone defenses from the baseline. Each play shows you excellent strategies for opening up holes in the defense for lay-ups. He also gives you an easy trick to call for the ball when a defender isn't paying attention.

As a bonus, Coach Boyle goes over 12 things that make up a good coach. He talks about passion, motivations, discipline, toughness, defining roles, team chemistry, leadership, skill development, and X & O knowledge.

Every coach has had situations arise in a game that a play is needed to either win a game or tie a game. Boyle does an excellent job talking through end of game strategies that need to be known, demonstrating fundamentals needed to handle pressure and execute a play, and going through every type of set that's needed to help you win in the last seconds of games.

Watching this video will help you lead your team to success when it's needed most!

Produced at the Fall 2016 Fall Phoenix (AZ) clinic.

78 minutes. 2017.