Mark Few: Quick Hitting 3-Point Plays

Mark Few: Quick Hitting 3-Point Plays
Mark Few: Quick Hitting 3-Point Plays
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with Mark Few, Gonzaga University Head Coach, West Coast Conference Coach of the Year six consecutive seasons, a number of NCAA tournament appearances, including the Sweet-Sixteen, 10X West Coast Conference Champions

Get new ideas to formulate a game plan for your team to focus on strength's and develop quick hitters that play to those strength's.

Mark Few demonstrates 10 quick hitting plays he uses with his team to get the ball into the post, utilizie the ball screen or getting the ball to the player with the "hot hand." These quick hitters include staggers, a multiple look from the 1-4 set, double stack, a 3-point shot for your four man and more. These quick hitters are generated from a 1-4 set and are run to exploit aggressive shows (or no shows) on defense. In addition to 3-point shots, these sets open up lanes for driving to the hoop or getting the ball inside to the post.

Coach Few reveals offensive strategies, goals, and player positioning for these set plays and explains how the play will allow your team to control the game. These are excellent sets to take advantage of an opponent out of a timeout.

This is a valuable DVD if you are looking for a variety of set plays to add to your teams playbook.

Produced at the Spring 2010 Las Vegas, NV clinic.

74 minutes. 2010.