Mastering the Open Post Motion Offense

Mastering the Open Post Motion Offense
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Product Description

with Chris Endres, Wittenberg University Assistant Basketball Coach

Use one offense against every defense you face this season! Coach Chris Endres shows you everything you need to know to install the open post motion offense.

In this comprehensive DVD, Endres covers the philosophy of spacing, using screens towards and away from the ball, cutting to the basket, lane cuts and post play. With in-depth demonstration and teaching, Endres articulates his offensive philosophy to attack man-to-man, zone and combination defenses using the open post motion offense.

Within the attacking scheme, Endres teaches you a variety of screens and cutting that can take place including the down screen, the back screen, the cross screen, violent cuts, the shuffle screen and combination screening.

He includes various options available to the cutter and screener after the screen has taken place.

As a result of this in-depth demonstration and teaching, you will learn how to create an offense you can run versus man, zone or pressure defenses and teach all the way down from your varsity to your junior high and youth levels of competition.

This freedom style of play puts pressure on any defense by creating an offense that is impossible to scout and stop. Add this potent attack to your basketball arsenal today!

138 minutes. 2010. See more products by: Chris Endres