Mike Krzyzewski - Open Practice: Offensive Playbook

Mike Krzyzewski - Open Practice: Offensive Playbook
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featuring Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach; 2015 NCAA Champions; distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2001); 5x NCAA Champions, over 1,000 wins - most wins by an NCAA college coach; USA Basketball Head Coach, 2014 Gold Medal FIBA World Basketball Cup, 5 gold medals in international competition

Legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski reaches into the archives for basketball practice film that shows you the in's and out's of Duke's potent offense. Using material from coaching clinics held in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Coach K introduces his man-to-man and zone offenses, along with several quick hitters in the half court and underneath the basket that have led to many open looks for his players. You'll learn how to run these plays against multiple styles of defense, and you'll also get the practice drills used to teach the spacing and tempo required in this offense.

Coach K begins by showing the primary and secondary break actions that are essential in the Duke offense. He details the various spots and actions each position executes in order to create angles against the defense. The Duke players run through a sequence of seven different transition drills to refine their set plays. The "Weave" series builds up your fast break attack with drills like the "3-Man Weave into 2-on-1." You'll also learn how to train your players to flow into their offense from transition with drills like "5-Man Weave into 5-on-0."

Here's an opportunity to observe numerous flexible set plays that Duke uses to attack half-court defenses. Coach Krzyzewski explains how he gets his team to flow into half court offense from transition for an up-tempo style of play that emphasizes spreading the floor with shooters and attacking with ball screens. Methods for producing multiple scoring options are demonstrated in the "Down and Through" plays to show you how you can get a shot for the player you want in crunch time.

Learn how to attack zone defenses with Duke's basic half-court "Gap and 3 Deep" offenses used to attack even or odd zones. In 5-on-5 play, you'll see how adjustments are made to their collection of quick hitters to score against either zone alignment. In addition, Coach Krzyzewski has players demonstrate the "Four and Cross" baseline inbounds play that can be used to score against zone defenses.

Stop letting your opponent's defense dictate the plays you run. With this offensive system, you'll learn set plays that can be used with great success against most half-court defenses. By eliminating the need to memorize new plays, this system also frees up practice time for other team needs.

Produced at the Duke University Coaching Clinics (2005-07).

104 minutes. 2015.