Mike Krzyzewski - Open Practice: Shooting Drills

Mike Krzyzewski - Open Practice: Shooting Drills
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featuring Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach; 2015 NCAA Champions; distinguished member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (2001); 5x NCAA Champions, over 1,000 wins - most wins by an NCAA college coach; USA Basketball Head Coach, 2014 Gold Medal FIBA World Basketball Cup, 5 gold medals in international competition

with Chris Collins, Northwestern University Head Coach; former Duke University Associate Head Coach; Assistant U.S. Olympic Men's Coach at the 2012 London and 2008 Beijing Games (gold medals)

and Johnny Dawkins, Stanford University Head Coach; former Duke Assistant Coach; 2x First Team All-American, 1986 Naismith National Player of the Year, All-Time Leading Scorer at Duke

Go inside the Duke program and witness several perimeter shooting drills that build accuracy, awareness, footwork, shooting endurance and range. Famed Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski and former Duke assistants Johnny Dawkins and Chris Collins show you how to develop players who can score from anywhere on the floor. Using more than 20 shooting drills taken directly from coaching clinics held from 2005 to 2007, they show you why Duke consistently has some of the top shooters in NCAA history. From warm-up shooting to full-court shooting to different half-court situations, you'll get the drills you need to make your players a more dynamic offensive threat.

All three coaches take turns demonstrating various shooting-based drills they have used to develop perimeter talent. Perimeter player development is critical within the Duke program, as Coach Krzyzewski's offensive scheme is based on spreading the floor and attacking with a 3-point shooting arsenal. Individual, partner and three-player group drills are included.

Individual drills like the "Celtic 50" and "10 Spot Shooting" apply pressure to the shooter by either setting a predetermined goal for the number of makes or by not allowing a player to advance to the next spot until a set number is made. These two competitive shooting drills give players a benchmark to measure their improvement against throughout the season. The "Two Ball, Three Person Shooting" drill increases intensity with constant movement and a variety of shots that can be performed from any spot on the floor.

Transition and shooting endurance-based drills like "W" and "Shooting Suicide" require players to continuously sprint from half-court to a designated location for a catch and shoot attempt. Players must make a pre-determined number of baskets to advance or to have the running distance between shot attempts reduced.

"Ball Screen" shooting helps the ball handler identify which shot is available. You get a drill series to train players in the different ways they can use ball screens to score, including:

off of a refusal of the ball screen
off the acceptance of the ball screen
off a defender going under the screen
off splitting two defenders to get into the lane

Also demonstrated are "Catch and Face" drills for improving footwork and gaining offensive awareness by squaring up to the defense on the catch. These drills lead into several others that call for two- and three-man penetration and kick 3-point attempts, re-locations to maintain proper spacing, angle screening as well as down-screen shooting. Players learn how to space off every angle of dribble penetration to get them open and ready to score.

Improve your teams' ability to score at the rim with the "Finishing Moves" drill series that works on attacking the basket with various dribble moves and different ways to finish in the paint. Coach Collins discusses the need for guards to be able to shoot from various angles when close to the rim in order to prevent a blocked shot. He demonstrates several drills that put players in position to execute floaters/runners and using the body as a shield off of a baseline drive.

Your practice time is valuable and the time committed to shooting drills needs to count. These drills provide a direct link to any offense, and will help you implement game-like situations into your practices, so your players learn to make the shots when they matter most.

Produced at the Duke University Coaching Clinics (2005-07).

122 minutes. 2015.