MVP Training: Advanced Point Guard Skills & Drills with Derrick Rose

MVP Training: Advanced Point Guard Skills & Drills with Derrick Rose
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with John Calipari, University of Kentucky Head Coach; 2x Naismith National Coach of the Year; 2012 NCAA Champions; 2009 Sports Illustrated National Coach of the Year, .761 career winning percentage

featuring Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls point guard, 2010-11 NBA MVP, 2008-09 Rookie-of-the-Year

and Rod Strickland, former professional point guard (17-year career)

John Calipari, along with 2009 NBA Rookie of the Year Derrick Rose and 17-year NBA veteran Rod Strickland, build on the necessary skills and drills needed to become a complete point guard. The three team up and demonstrate how point guards can maximize their skills in both the Pick and Roll and the Dribble Drive Motion offense.

Coach Calipari shows how a point guard can use screening angles from seven different areas on the court to successfully execute the pick and roll. You will see what the proper actions look like, as well as what your point guard must be looking for as the action is executed.

Calipari and Derrick Rose take you through workouts demonstrating the four S's that point guards execute on a successful pick and roll - start, set-up, separation, score. In addition, Calipari includes the drills he uses to get his point guards to understand the four S's.

Learn recognition drills that can be used for lob and skip passes out of the Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Calipari takes you through the dribble drive alleys and shows six actions that your players must be able to see and execute. Calipari shows the various methods for defending the pick and roll and the different angles that the point guard can take for successful separation from the defender.

Derrick Rose demonstrates "tight" cone drills using a variety of dribble moves beginning with a simple crossover and progressing to very challenging combination moves.

Throughout the DVD, Rose and Strickland lend insight and player perspective to these essential skills and movements.

This DVD gives athletes and coaches a thorough understanding of what point guards need to see and execute when running today's offensive systems.

67 minutes. 2010.