Open Practice: Man-to-Man Defense Drills

Open Practice: Man-to-Man Defense Drills
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Develop a defense that applies great ball pressure, stops dribble penetration and fights through screens

- Train your team to effectively defend on-ball screens and four types of off-ball screens

- Refine your players' defensive technique to create more aggressive close-outs on perimeter shooters

- Utilize shell drills and defensive stations to emphasize techniques such as shading to the sideline/baseline and help defense positioning review

with Brenda Frese, University of Maryland Head Womens Coach; Back-to-Back Final Four appearances (2014-15); 2006 National Champions; 2002 AP National Coach of the Year; 4x Conference Coach of the Year

National championship coach Brenda Frese opens the doors to a live practice devoted entirely to implementing her man-to-man defensive system. Utilizing breakdown drills, defensive stations, and live 5v5 shell, Coach Frese builds the habits required to play stingy half court defense.

The first portion of the video consists of a pre-practice developmental workout. Frese outlines each drill on a whiteboard. Each whiteboard explanation is followed by live, in-practice execution by the team. The latter portion of the video contains a live viewing of the implementation of the team's approach to defending various screen types they will face throughout the year.

Pre-Practice Defensive Skill Development

Develop great close out technique and other critical defensive principles with a series of three-person pre-practice drills. Each drill stresses shading the ball toward the sideline/baseline when executing the close-out on a perimeter threat. Eliminating middle drives is the major talking point throughout each of the drills, as players are schooled on foot placement, stance, and body positioning in relation to the offensive player.

Defending Screens

Discover strategies and drills for teaching your players how to defend the most common screens used in today's game. You'll learn the roles defenders play when hard hedging a side ball screen and how these concepts can be practiced in 5-on-5 play. You'll also see how to defend down screens, diagonal screens, cross screens and back screens.

The Maryland team walks through the key principles of defending each screen, then break it down with 2-on-2 stations before building up to live play with 5-on-5 Shell Drill to end practice.

Shell Drill

The session ends with a live, 5v5 shell drill. Coach Frese looks to see if the habits, rotations, and awareness developed throughout the rest of the practice is translating into a live, competitive setting.

Consistent title contenders like the Maryland women's program know that defense is the foundation to long term success. A great defensive foundation requires instincts, technique and an understanding of the team's strategy. Coach Frese allows viewers a peek inside a session devoted to those principles and developing an attacking mindset that is consistent with the program's winning history.

93 minutes. 2015.