Open Practice: Man, Zone & Transition Offensive Drills

Open Practice: Man, Zone & Transition Offensive Drills
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A complete guide to breakdown drills that teach Bruce Weber's half court offense!

- See a complete practice that includes half court offense, skill development, zone offense, and transition offense
- Generate ball and player movement in your zone offense to create shot opportunities by confusing your opponent's match-up responsibilities
- Utilize multiple scoring options off of the ball screen, return options for players to score out of the corner, and skip/reversal action coming off the screen

with Bruce Weber, Kansas State University Head Coach; 2013 Big 12 Coach of the Year; former University of Illinois Head Coach; 2005 Naismith 'College Coach of the Year' Award; 2005 NCAA National Runner-up; 2x Big Ten Championship Coach

Bruce Weber leaves nothing out of this video when it comes to offense. He demonstrates both offensive concepts and breakdown drills that you can use to include in your ball screen motion offense.

Transition Drills

Coach Weber gives you eight great ideas for getting players in shape while working on your transition offense. Through transition build drills and 5v5 touch, players work on pushing the ball up the floor to hit their primary breaks. If kick ups are not open, Coach Weber looks to use their ball screen offense to score right away before the defense can get set.

Various situations are broken down with drills from 1-on-1 attacks from a quick pass up the court, to attacking with ball screens in 5-on-5 early offense. These practice drills will show you several unique twists on how to simulate advantage-disadvantage situations in transition. This suite of fast break drills will create the instincts your team needs for spreading the floor and playing fast.

Zone Offense

See Coach Weber's zone offense in action through several scrimmage segments. Weber progresses from 4-on-4 scrimmages to 5-on-5 to help players understand how they can attack space in the zone with drives and cuts. This offense will help your posts get looks with overload situations and the constant movement of perimeter players will keep the defense scrambled throughout the entire possession. Your players will also learn how to surprise opponents with weak side flashes into the high post and filling out to gaps created by misdirection dribbles that distort the zone.

5v5 Scrimmage

The best way to look at Kansas State's ball screen offense is to see it live in practice. Coach Weber uses a big chunk of practice having his team go up and down the floor flowing right into their half court offense. You get a detailed look at how Coach Weber teaches his ball screen offense. The coaching staff lets players play through mistakes before going back and outlining where mistakes were made and how to correct them.

Coach Weber gives you knowledge in how to install offensive concepts in a short amount of time. From zone offense and inbound plays to transition offense, this video is packed with nuggets to help your team be ready for competition.

170 minutes + Bonus material (2 DVDs). 2017.