Open Practice: Rebounding and Mental Toughness Drills

Open Practice: Rebounding and Mental Toughness Drills
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Product Description

Detailed strategies for winning the rebounding battle in all phases of the game!

- Identify the 6 types of rebounding scenarios and the techniques that can be applied to each in order to secure more boards
- Check and chase in a variety of defensive scenarios to limit your opponent to a single shot attempt
- Learn to offensive rebound from multiple positions on the floor to give your team second-chance scoring opportunities
- Includes marker board breakdown, on-court demonstration and game film analysis

with Grey Giovanine, Augustana College Head Men's Coach; 2017 DIII National Co-Coach of the Year; 2017 NCAA DIII Runner-Up; 2015 NCAA DIII Runner-Up; 2015 Basketball Times National Coach of the Year; Back-to-Back-to-Back CCIW regular season and tournament Champions (2015-17). Overall has led Augustana to eight regular season and five tournament championships; 6x CCIW Coach of the Year; Ranked 3rd in final 2016 national ranking

How do I get multiple possessions on offense? How do I limit my opponents' possessions?

The answer to those common questions is by being an elite rebounding team. Augustana head coach Grey Giovanine's motto is, "when the ball is in the air, the war begins." This critical aspect to the game strengthens team defense and ignites fast break offense. This emphasis on rebounding has helped Augustana be a consistent league-leader in rebounding margin and get second chance opportunities on 39% of their misses!

Through marker board breakdown, on-court demonstration and game film analysis, you will learn how Giovanine uses individual and team drills to developing the rebounding technique, positioning, and toughness required to achieve the `one-shot-and-done' goal.

Rebounding Philosophy

Perfecting the fundamentals is critical before you can expect any skill to translate into the game. Giovanine outlines the different rebounding scenarios and the program philosophy behind his team's gang-rebounding approach. Talking points include:

- Identifying 6 specific types of rebounding scenarios and providing players with proven techniques when faced with each specific situation.
- Understanding the statistical importance behind offensive rebounding and how shooting percentages increase by nearly 20% on every offensive put-back opportunity.
- How charting rebounding efforts in practice and awarding a "Chairman of the Boards" can provide motivation and incentive for players

Defensive Rebounding

Learn how to rebound whether you are on the ball or on the weak or strong side. Four defensive-oriented drills will teach your players how to "check and chase" after the rebound from multiple game-like situations.

- The 3-on-3 Closeout Rebound drill - Challenges your players to quickly sprint out from the paint to make contact with their match-up.
- The Power Rebound drill - Learn to neutralize a bigger player by creating a "stand off."
- The Superman drill - Develops a mindset to fly after the ball to secure a "range rebound."
- The "Triangle Rebounding" drill - Puts your players in a defensive help situation for them to establish the instincts required to find rebounding match-ups to deny offensive rebounds and second-chance points.

Offensive Rebounding

Giovanine shows you three drills for practicing offensive moves to use when crashing the boards. You'll learn techniques such as the "spin" or "swim" for your posts to gain position for a rebound on the strong side block. Your players will improve at sealing on the weak side block for long rebounds. The Run to Rim Drill teaches perimeter players how to defeat a block out to steal some offensive rebounds.

With a program built upon the "Defend, Rebound, and Run" mantra, Coach Giovanine gives you everything you need to be an elite rebounding team in this video. Drills evolve from imaginary simulation to live 1-on-1 and 1-on-2 scenarios and will help you create a dominating rebounding culture within your team.