Open Practice: Special Situations for Your Offensive Game Plan

Open Practice: Special Situations for Your Offensive Game Plan
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Product Description

Expand your offensive playbook for special situations!

- Learn the Purdue motion offense: Primary and secondary looks, to half court actions in 4-out and 5-out motion offense
- Inbound the ball with the "Split" baseline series to take advantage of quick scoring opportunities in dead ball situations
- Break the pressure of different types of full court defenses to limit turnovers by safely advancing the ball with optimal spacing and passing options

with Matt Painter, Purdue University Head Coach; 2017 Big 10 Regular Season Champions - has led Purdue to three Big 10 titles (2009 regular-season and 2010 tournament;3x Big Ten 'Coach of the Year'; 2x Sweet Sixteen appearances; 2009 US U19 National Team (Assistant Coach), Gold Medalist at the FIBA U19 World Championship

An offense must have structure while also leaving room for players to make plays. Matt Painter is a wizard at using a variety of methods to create a balanced offense. This system utilizes several variations of motion and ball screen offense in addition to a deep catalog of set plays to spotlight his talented post players.

In addition to Coach Painter detailing his offensive philosophy, you will see a Purdue basketball practice that is specifically focused on the offensive side of the ball. This practice will show you his three motion offense attacks versus man-to-man defenses, as well as zone offense, inbound plays, and how to break multiple types of full court presses.

Chalk Talk

Coach Painter devotes an entire segment of this presentation to discussing the elements he believes are important in building a motion offense. You will gain insight into explaining good shot selection to your players. He explains the three essential pieces to a motion offense, including post play, dribble rules, and screening.

The bulk of the practice sees Coach Painter pacing the team through the various ways that team offense can be initiated. All are handled within a controlled environment, whether it be 5-on-0 dummy offense, half-court shell, transition-based, or originating from a free throw or inbound action. You will also learn about several drills that Purdue uses to teach their motion offense:

- 4-on-4 No Dribble Drill will develop the coordination your team needs for great ball movement and cutting action.
- Transition Motion teaches your players how to flow into their half court offense from a fast break.

Inbound Plays

You will learn a ton of new options to add into your playbook as the Boilermakers rehearse their half court inbound plays. These plays will create scoring opportunities and safe inbound options from any location on the court versus both man and zone defenses. If you've ever been stuck trying to get the ball in from the corner, Coach Painter has a solution for you with Line.

Coach Painter explains how you can vary the simple actions of the Split baseline series into an entire suite of play calls based for whichever player you want to create a scoring opportunity. He will also show how you can run Split into screen-the-screener actions, side ball screens, stagger screens, or zone offense. Versus zone defenses, you will see how you can use "Box Z" to flow into four different zone offense attacks. You will also see three sideline inbound plays that utilize hand-offs, stagger screens, and baseline drives to score quickly in short clock situations.

Full Court Plays

Coach Painter continues to walk his team through special situations with strategies for attacking multiple types of full court defenses. You'll see how you use the "Box" sideline inbound versus pressure defenses. Painter explains how to create space for the ball handler versus a run and jump press while maintaining outlet options that can quickly flash back to the ball when the defense traps.

Using the "Free Throw Transition" drill, the details of breaking a 1-2-2 zone press are demonstrated. You'll learn how and when the inbounder should run the baseline to look at other receiving options. Three inbound plays are shown to help you find an opening against even the most aggressive full court presses. You'll also see how to align your players into a diamond formation to maximize difficult coverages for opponents trying to slow you down with a 2-2-1 full court press.


Players need to learn their offensive system by running their plays in game-like situations. The 3 Way Offense drill is a scrimmage format that every coach should look to add into their practice plan. This drill allows your team to run through your entire offensive playbook with constant action. You'll see strategies for countering opponents that "down" side ball screens in a 5-on-5 segment. You will also learn how you can help players strike a balance between clean execution while also challenging them with defensive pressure in a 5-on-0, 5-on-5 scrimmage.

If you have a team with great size or want to learn motion offense that will create great ball and player movement, then you must see Purdue's offensive-focused practice!

88 minutes. 2017.